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What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members


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  • What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members

    Same thread as done in the lounge, but this one reserved for Cast Members who were a part of the Disney team around that day.

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    Re: What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members

    I woke up to my mom screaming "The worlds ending"!! She managed to burst into my locked room to make this announcment. I turned the VCR on and hit record on FOX and went back to bed. I woke up again about 20 minutes later by my mom again to see if I was watching the events unfolding on TV. I actually focused on the TV and realized a freak accident was actually quite something more. A few hours later I received a phone call from Cast Scheduling saying that Disneyland was closed and I had the day off. I took the liberty of saving the message on tape before it was auto-deleted from my voicemail.

    I have- and always will live near the Resort so a close friend and I took a walk to the Harbor and Katella. I remember few cars were driving, and those that were on the street were hauling major butt (the majority of the cars we saw were Anaheim Police). Both of us have our own copy of the marquee just past 7-11 across from the Convention Center that says "Theme Parks Closed Today". My photo (sorry I don't have a scanner) has a van in the background and you can clearly make out "God Bless NY & America" freshly painted on his side window. I figured that's one for the books when I'm old.

    I began to call up a few co-workers, friends, and family members to make sure everything was OK, then went home- listened, and waited just like the rest of you.


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      Re: What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members

      sry- double post. Something went wrong with Java


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        Re: What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members

        I had turned set my VCR to record The Legend of Tarzan then went to work. Channel 13 hadn't switched over to the news yet, so I didn't know anything was happening.

        While driving, I turned on my radio to KFI to listen to Bill Handel and heard him say the following:

        "They are flying CAP (Combat Air Patrol) over Washington DC."

        I thought, what a strange thing to be doing...

        "The Russians are on a heightened state of alert".


        Then this is exactly what the radio guy said:

        "We are at WAR!"

        I thought, OH CRAP!!! What happened?! The Cold War was over! We were friends with the Russians! Did they nuke us?!

        I was ready to turn East and get the frack out of the bullseye area.

        As I listened to more of the radio, I finally figured out what was happening. When I got to work, security was turning everyone away. "Disneyland is closed today. You'll be paid for the day".

        So I went home, rewound my VCR, and watched the tape from when programming was interrupted.


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          Re: What were you doing on 9/11: Cast members

          Same thing, i was listening to KFI 640 when i heard the news... except when i woke up, all i heard was, "OMG, the (whatever the first tower that collapse) has just collapse. I repeat, collapse. This is the sadest day in American History."

          though i wasnt a CM then :P
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