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X-CM Miss most and Not Miss???


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  • X-CM Miss most and Not Miss???

    As an X-CM what do you miss most?:
    Going backstage and seeing what's behind that door, and that door, etc..
    The Friends I met who I hope finished college and moved on.
    Working til 4:00am and strolling around the park all by myself (somewhat)

    What Do You Not miss?:
    Getting extended each night after making plans after work
    The hot days and not being able to drink a cool cup of H20
    Good gosh---The PAY--The Drive--The Drive home and falling almost asleep.

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    Re: X-CM Miss most and Not Miss???

    I miss

    - backstage and seeing stuff that other guests can't see
    - the people
    - CMs I met
    - the guests that make it all worth it
    - my attractions: HISTA, Buzz, and yes, even Astro Orbitor
    - Bob Allen on Fantasmic!
    - Working with Bob Haw on Astro orbitor
    - Working Fantasmic! and parades.

    I won't miss
    - the rude, obnoxious guests
    - the heat
    - the pay
    - mandatory extensions!
    - the itchy costumes
    - shortage of costumes at costuming


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      Re: X-CM Miss most and Not Miss???

      When I quit originally in 2001, the #1 thing I missed was the friends that I made. You form a unique bond with fellow cm's, in that you are all united in guest complaints and all other things Disney.

      Since re-hiring, I know that I will miss my friends the most. That...and driving the Monorail :o)

      Forget Disney Magic...Universal performs MIRACLES!!!


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