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Checking job status and changing availability

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  • Checking job status and changing availability

    Hello! I'm new here so if I'm not posting this in the correct thread or whatnot please let me know.

    I applied to Disneyland's attractions position on May 11th and the website said to wait 5 business days for a response (I cannot remember the exact wording, but it was something along those lines). I received the automated "Thank you for Applying" email shortly after. I've checked my job status every day since then and it only says "Submission." I did not consider following up after the 5 business days because I was sure they received a lot of applications so it would take them a while to reach all of them. On June 10th I received another email thanking me for applying and recommending me to check my dashboard for updates. I did check, hoping something might have changed, but I remain on "Submission" while the job is still "Open." I would absolutely love this job and have grown increasingly antsy since it's been about a month without any news.

    Are these two notifications (the "wait 5 business days" message and the 2nd "thank you for applying" email) just automated messages that I shouldn't worry about?

    Also, when I applied, I indicated that I was available Friday to Sunday because I was still in college. Now that I'm on summer break, I am available every day and at any time.

    Is this something I should call and notify them about or should I not bother, since my availability will go back to Fridays-Sundays once school starts in September again?

    Thanks in advance for any help.