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What makes you come to work?


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  • What makes you come to work?

    What makes you show up to the Happiest Place on Earth? Is it the benefits? Is it the perks? Is it just the paycheck? Is there a reward you take that somehow fulfills you with your Guests, Team, or Location?

    To keep this on track- as many stories as we all have- can we avoid the "This one Guest did the most stupid/disgusting/weird/etc thing" replies? I'm not here to slander anyone- and funny stories are great- just not for this topic.

    I'm just wondering if people still look at the place as I did.

    I found a place where I learned to love. Before I worked there- I'd have to say I was a total jerk. I would not talk to anyone I didn't know- and if I were approached I'd have something sarcastic- or witty to reply with. I'd find the bad in things and make sure they stood out and I could never ever find the good in the general population.

    The first thing that place forced me to do- is break out of my shell. It was do that- or get fired. Being someone who fears failure- I had to improve. I watched others interact and actually enjoy themselves talking to young and old- Guests from all over the world. Whether they understood them or not- just the facial expressions alone sent a message so strong it was clear a pleasant time was being had. I started small- talking to the kids- it's easy to talk to someone who's most likely not going to think you're just some punk kid. After seeing the positive response- I'd then move on to the parents- and after several months of honing this skill- I considered myself to be quite sufficient with interaction.

    After I could communicate with my Guests, my fellow Team realized I wasn't some crazy loner- who sits at home all night and cuts himself. They began to talk with me. Working with these people everyday- they became my 'friends'. We all became closer on a professional level- shared ideas, concepts, and most of us began to develop within our Line of Business. I went first to Trainer, then to Cook, then Lead- and I even progressed beyond that before I left a couple of years ago.

    I remember after about my 6th month- while walking to work- asking myself, "Why do I do this". At that time I could only say- I needed the paycheck, I loved the company, and I felt an obligation to strive for a Company that had as much to offer its Employees (Cast) as it did it's Clients (Guests).

    On my last day- after crying on my way there- throughout my entire shift, and off and on for about a week after- my answer to that very same question was forever locked- I did this for the Guests, and for my Team. I did this for the Company that has been committed to the Consumer from the Get-Go. Throughout it all- there was the perks too- I loved the free admission, the parties, the gifts and souvenirs, and the discounts. Parting with such a commitment was indeed a tough task at hand- but knowing I'd be back someday- seems to set my mind a bit at ease. Hope to see you in the Parks!

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    Re: What makes you come to work?

    I have to tell you have been very tempted to quit disney since i have not been getting the hours and money that i need to live of off but i have to tell you that i have not yet left because i love working there! i love being able to make a familys day by doing some sort of magical moment whether it be crowning their child a prince or princess at king tritons carousel, or giving them a birthday button specailly designed for them. I like to do little mickey or bday designs by their names. I like to think that i have made a difference, a positive difference in their day and tey can go home and say that they had a great time at disney. You never know who is coming to disney for their first time or last time or in some cases their first and last trip so you always want to make them feel welcomed and leave them with a great memory that they can cherish forever. That is why i stay with the company. Plus i am slowly working my way up. I just became a guest interaction trainer because many CMs do not like guest interaction they dread it. I take it upon myself to show them that it can be so much fun! whether its just suggesting a ride/show, presenting them buttons, playing a game with them, etc. It can be so much fun and that is what i try to emphasize with my training while keeping the nunber one rule of safety at the resort.


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      Re: What makes you come to work?

      The kids. :gladsad:

      Around this time last year, I gave my 2 weeks notice to DL and was going to go work at a clothing store.. my first day on the new job I hated it. In fact the only highlight of my day was playing hide and seek with a little boy who was there with his mom and sister who were shopping.. it was then that I realized I couldn't leave Disney if the highlight of my entire work day consisted of playing with kids. I recinded my 2 weeks and am still in the park. A couple of my fellow CM's have told me I'm most likely to end up a "lifer" because of how much I enjoy my job.

      Sure there's times that you want to pull out your hair, or throw yourself off of the closest E-Ticket you can find, but even though you may have a day full of horrible guests [the ones who scream, curse, threaten, and belittle you] all it takes is that one family, that one experience to completely turn your day around and remind you why you love what you do. And there's nothing more heartwarming than to see than a child who's family you encountered months back, come back to the park and still remember you.

      I'm also very thankful for the fact that I was always the shy one, who could never talk to anyone. Through working for the park I've become happier and less inhibited when it comes to talking to others.. I mean c'mon, I get paid to start conversations with random strangers and spiel to groups of people I've never seen before in my life. [It's also great to know you've mastered the ability to hold a 20 second conversation between dispatch intervals]


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        Re: What makes you come to work?

        Same here - it's the kids and my team. I hate a lot of the politics of my department and some of the clueless moments I get from management, and I could do without a few of the crazy guests, but it's like LesMisFan and JustALittleChange both said - it's that ONE kid. The one who is terribly shy but opens up, or the one who is adorably precocious and wants to tell you ALL ABOUT what she saw in the "big spooky house" earlier.

        I work here for the British woman on my tour last month - who wasn't really enjoying her trip because her husband hadn't come along and she was on her own a LONG way from home, but it just so happened that I'm addicted to British TV and we bonded over a love of Walt and Dr. Who.

        I work here for my fellow CMs who continue to inspire me to push myself farther and take on more responsibility than I ever would have imagined wanting. (AND for the inside jokes that will last a LIFETIME: S.F. Alert!)

        I don't care about the benefits or the sign-ins or the "upward mobility" that seems to earn the quotation marks more and more each day. I care about making someone smile and doing what I can to uphold the morals that I believe in. Maybe not some of the more recent morals (like "yell at the right person and they'll give you whatever you want" or "if they'll pay $65 for it, they'll pay $75"), but the founding ones like "Quality will out" and "it takes people."
        "Remember 'Old Yeller'? We shot the dog." - Roy E. Disney


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          Re: What makes you come to work?

          It's the guests and CMs. I come to work everyday and am like, "Wow, I work for Disneyland!! That is so cool!!!"


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            Re: What makes you come to work?

            It's not the money. It's not the benefits. It's bringing happiness to others in no other way imaginable. Where else can you take someone up to the wheelhouse and let kids drive the Mark Twain? That's what makes my job special, and why I come to work!


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              Re: What makes you come to work?

              i think its just friends now... I just go to hang out with friends and get paid at the same time... Do much job while im at it...
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                Re: What makes you come to work?

                I stay for my fellow cm's. If it wasn't for them, I would have quit a long time ago.


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                  Re: What makes you come to work?

                  I do it for the money, what can I say? B:

                  Oh yeah, and the free stuff.
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                    Re: What makes you come to work?

                    I was laying in bed just the other night thinking 'bout things. And it really hit me that I work at Disneyland! I get to literally play and have fun and to top it all I get paid for it. I remembered not so long ago when I wanted to work here so bad and now I get too! In a way I guess I'm living a dream! Haha, sounds so funny, but its true.

                    Why do I show up? The guests. I enjoy helping them and trying to make their day the best ever. It's a good feeling to go home and realize that you helped make the magic for so many people. I guess thats why I do it! -- I could do without CDS though

                    Edit: And we have the greatest AP in the world!
                    Class of 2005...


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