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Stolen Property


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  • Stolen Property

    Hi, I'm not really sure where this question should go, but any input at this point would really be great. I'm currently a CM at Disneyland Resort, recently hired in about a month ago. It shouldn't be too hard to guess which location I work in mmm.

    So this Monday (2/25), I showed up for work and changed into my Uniform. I put my personal clothes into my Back Pack and into a Locker outside of the Men's Changing Room. Disneyland issues us company Combination Locks to put on the Lockers, which I did. Made sure it was locked also.

    After I came back from my shift, I found my lock opened and the contents of the locker I had chosen empty. Someone had broke into the locker and stole my back pack.

    I'm a full time student so I show up to work right after I get out of school. I had at least $400 worth inside my backpack at the time.

    - iPod Nano ($200)
    - Graphing Calculator ($100)
    - Audio-Technica Headphones ($100)
    - Personal Clothes ($60)
    - Books for class ($60)
    - My Binder Full of Essays, Hand-Outs, and Notes I had taken All Semester (Can't really put a price on that)

    I contacted Disneyland Security, Anaheim Police Dept, Guest Services and Lost & Found. So far they all summed up theres nothing they can do for me but "investigate". My chances of seeing my belongs again feel very hopeless.

    The cost of me replacing all of this stuff is my entire paycheck for the whole month. All those hours I worked trying to save money before I go to college. I'm 17 and Senior in High School.

    The hardest part about dealing with this situation is knowing I probably will never get my binder back. : / Inside it was pretty much my entire High School portfolio: Critiqued Essays, Music Theory Notes, and Econ Stock Analysis.

    My Employee Manual says Disneyland Resort is not responsible for CM Theft, but I was thinking that since it was a Company Issued Lock, the Company is at fault for my loss? I understand if I had left it lying around, it was just asking to be stolen, but I had placed my back pack in the designated area with the mandatory company lock that had given me.

    - So should I ask them to reimburse me ?(I really don't want to spend this months entire paycheck : /...)

    - And If Disneyland refused to reimburse me, Should I/Can I take legal action?
    - Will taking legal action be worth it? I hear legal fees would be expensive...

    Sorry If this was a bit long to read, Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Stolen Property

    Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened, but combo locks suck so keep your personal stuff in your friend can crack one of those turn knobs in about 5 minutes, he won't tell me how, but he can and it seems pretty simple. G/L with everything =/


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      Re: Stolen Property

      Originally posted by aznshrek88 View Post
      Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened, but combo locks suck so keep your personal stuff in your friend can crack one of those turn knobs in about 5 minutes, he won't tell me how, but he can and it seems pretty simple. G/L with everything =/
      my Bf can to and tell me the combo after. i forgot the combo for my luggage lock once.

      I'm sorry about your stuff...that really sucks...


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        Re: Stolen Property

        Don't worry about legal fees. If you end up taking Disney to court, you will be in small claims court, where neither you nor Disney can take a lawyer.

        To prevail against Disney, you'd have to prove that their security was negligent, i.e., they did something a reasonable employer wouldn't do, or didn't do something that a reasonable employer would have done.

        From what I've read so far, I don't see any negligence, but I'm sure there are many more details that could matter. Were people allowed in there who didn't belong? Was the Disney-issued lock defective? Was the thief a manager (of course, if you could prove that, you'd just go after the thief)? Were there other thefts recently that would have put them on notice that more security (a camera? a guard?) was needed?
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          Re: Stolen Property

          The Area is guarded well by security and really only other employees would be allowed to enter the building. The Lock, from what I can tell is fully functional, but like people said, combination locks are really easy to open.

          I do know however, one of the Leads that was taking me to Lost and Found said my incident was the second one that night.


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            Re: Stolen Property

            That's terrible.
            I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope the thief gets what s/he deserves.


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              Re: Stolen Property

              Try Deal or No Deal!!!

              Just Kidding.

              Sorry about what happened. I think they should reimberse you 100%


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                Re: Stolen Property

                Best thing is to get a backpack specifically for Disney stuff (sold at the Team Center, if you'd like) and only keep your change of clothes in it.
                Better yet, change at home and bring your essentials in a sling bag and use your own lock at your location. That's going to be a bit safer. They don't seem to check for personal locks at Riverbelle and Westside Central.


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                  Re: Stolen Property

                  I am really sorry about your stuff. You've really done all you can do. It sucks but the company issued locks are really for their protection so that they can prove that they offered you a way to keep your stuff safe. Whether or not it worked they did their part.

                  I have never left my belongings in the costuming lockers. It just kinda freaks me out leaving this little lock and not checking on my stuff for 8 or more hours.

                  This is why I only use location lockers....


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                    Re: Stolen Property

                    edit- read whole post my bad. Sorry bout your stuff hope somthing turns up
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                      Re: Stolen Property

                      Originally posted by fantoongal View Post
                      "... for their protection so that they can prove that they offered you a way to keep your stuff safe. Whether or not it worked they did their part..."
                      : / I dont think they can "prove" they did their part if stuff like this can happen.

                      Yeah i'm probably only going to use location lockers from now on... If I decide to stay with the company...


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                        Re: Stolen Property

                        i'm sorry that definitely scares me.... cause i hardly even lock my backpack in the lockers... i just throw it in there... sometimes never use the locks.

                        but again i hope you somehow retrieve your stuff.
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                          Re: Stolen Property

                          I think after a certain time well after park closing, they clear out lockers and clean them. You mentioned that you contacted authorities but didn't mention asking the lock issuing desk. Also just maybe lost and found has it? Lost and found for CM and guest is in DCA. you can call the Disneyland line and they can direct your call there. I'm sorry that this has happened to you when you just started. Good luck though.


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                            Re: Stolen Property

                            I haven't heard about that being common but I rarely use those lockers.

                            It seems like it's probably a rare occurrence and a low payback for someone to do it randomly and that they might likely have known that there was a lot of valuables in your locker to make it worthwhile.

                            Anyone where you work (or that might have seen you) that would know ?


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                              Re: Stolen Property

                              I'm also sorry that happened to you.

                              From what I understand, Disney would not be liable for third party criminal conduct. However, even if they could be held liable, it might not be worth suing since it would only antagonize your employer which, unfortunately, could make your life around work difficult.

                              Also, how much would it cost you (loss of pay, transportation, etc.) to take a day off work and go to small claims court? You would have to deduct that cost from any recovery.

                              Again, sorry for your loss.


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