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Cast Members: How do you communicate?


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  • Cast Members: How do you communicate?

    EDIT: I am now offering a $5 reward to the first five people who answer the questionnaire in its entirety (minus the attractions part, if it does not apply) BEFORE midnight of May 28. I will have to have your email in case I need clarification or a follow up. Payment will be your choice of paypal, check, or concealed cash. Zeus, you can still cash in on the reward if you answer the rest of the questions and/or answer some follow up questions. Thanks everyone, and hope some of you take advantage of this offer.

    I am an Anthropology major taking a course on Linguistic Anthropology and have been assigned paper in which I observe and interview a speech community and write about my findings. I would greatly appreciate it if you answered a few questions about how you communicate in your role as a Disneyland cast member. Any cast member position welcome, from characters and attractions to janitorial staff and dining.

    I specifically have to interview and observe the group I chose, and am not required to do any

    I would be happy to receive emailed responses to, or you can reply to this thread or PM my account here. The content of my paper will be only be viewed by my professor, my boyfriend (my proofreader) and myself. I will not make any of the information public or will publish it.

    Still aboard? Proceed to the questions:



    Ethnicity (if you feel comfortable):
    How long have you worked at the Disneyland Resort?
    Position (include past positions, if any):
    Describe your position.

    What languages do you speak?


    How does Disney suggest you greet a guest?

    Is there a special way you are supposed to say goodbye?

    In your typical interaction with a guest, what do you say to them or ask them?

    How does the language you use in your role as a cast member differ from how you talk outside of work?

    What is the main goal of your communication . . .
    With guests?
    With other cast members?
    In other words, why do you communicate with them the way that you do?

    When you speak with guest who does not speak English, how do you communicate with them?

    What jokes do you make with guests? Any with other cast members?

    What is unique about the way cast members who share your position communicate?

    If a guest has a complaint, how do you respond? I would love examples if you have any.

    If a guest is violating the rules, how do you respond?

    Any conversation or situation as a cast member has been especially unique or interesting?


    Anything about yourself that really reflects how you act as a cast member?

    Why did you decide to be a Disneyland Cast Member?

    What are your favorite rides?

    Favorite Disney movies?

    Anything else you want to tell me?


    Which area and rides (if not all in that area) do you work in?

    Do you have to say any spiels? For instance, do you announce anything to guests before they board or disembark on a ride? Please include them if you can.

    Are ways you capture the mood of your attraction in addition to what Disney asks of you?

    Last edited by rogue_psyche; 05-27-2008, 02:06 PM. Reason: adding cash reward!

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