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  • Fake Headlines

    Make up fake headlines about Disneyland or any Disney operation.

    • Tomorrowland designated regional recycling center for steel, ideas, fiberglass, memories
    • Great Movements with Mr. Lincoln: Main St. restrooms receive President's Day overlay
    • Park drops unpopular in-flight meal service on Peter Pan
    • Senior Autopia details revealed: golf carts, 1979 Oldsmobiles, Lawrence Welk music, speed limited to 1 mph
    • Skyway to reopen as walk-through
    • Forced perspective makes turkey leg appear larger than actual size
    • Dapper Dans fall off bike, laugh, work stunt into regular routine
    • Scientist: Many hidden Mickeys actually hidden Minnies
    • Claude Coats tribute gallery nixed by bean counter with MBA
    • Second half of Gadget's Go Coaster finally located
    • Tiki Juice Bar notices line of waiting customers
    • Flash photographer confesses: did it "just because they said not to"
    • Enormous blob of soap bubbles forces closure of Splash Mountain
    • Five-hour wait for "it's a small world" with house lights on and music off
    • Stretching room snaps; guests forced to find a way out
    • Miley Cyrus ignored by Hannah Montana character signing autographs
    • FastPasses introduced for parking lot, trams, security, ticket booths, entrance, restrooms, First Aid
    • Primeval World gets "High School Musical" overlay; Zac Efron chewed
    • Portions of New Orleans Square gutted by fake fire
    • Insider admits DCA plans stolen from Knott's office
    • Guest ejected from park for calling attraction "ride"
    • Giant rubber bands installed on Magic Tea Party
    • Turnstile mystery: more people leave Disneyland than enter it
    • Jungle Cruise disappoints as cost-cutting reduces two gunshots to one
    • Billionaire buys, moves into Innoventions
    • Sparse crowd for Omnibus' 53rd Anniversary Celebration
    • Holiday overlays to get secondary "drab rainy school-day" overlays in January
    • Lucas hoping for "some kind of film deal" with Star Tours makeover; Disney execs noncommittal
    • Study shows many tourists do not realize DCA is a theme park, but think Gardenwalk is
    • Tornado moves Astro Orbiter into Tomorrowland


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