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The Murder Mystery at Magic Kingdom SIGN UP

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  • The Murder Mystery at Magic Kingdom SIGN UP

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in The Murder Mystery at Magic Kingdom. I got the idea from Disboards and I though it would be fun. The rules go like this:

    1. There will be an unknown number of murderers

    2. There will be 5 unknown detectives.

    3. I will Private Message any player to be the detective or murderer.

    4. The other players (the park guests) can help the detectives by giving theories and ideas.

    5. The murderers do not know who the detectives are.

    6. If a detective is murdered, they can not be replaced. If all detectives are murdered, the murderers win.

    7. If a detective gives a wrong guess as to who the murderer is, the park guests can vote to fire him or her. If a detective is fired, a new one will be hired, but another murder will happen.

    8. You can sign up to be any Disney character you want, but you have to act like them or else use Out of Character.

    9. Sign-ups will end after we have 35 players

    Here's the premise:

    35 Disney characters are on the monorail and are ready to go to a have a fun time at Magic Kingdom. Unfortuantely, murderers are among them and they set up the event to take them out one by one. Who will survive this terror? Find out in the Murder Mystery at Magic Kingdom!

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    Re: The Murder Mystery at Magic Kingdom SIGN UP

    Sounds like a game I used to run here, Mystery in DL except the detectives didn't die. Everyone stood around accusing each other.

    I don't think your going to get 35 people, the max I got was bout six or seven.

    I wish you luck though and if you need extra players let me know.