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New: The Magical World of Disney Card Game


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  • New: The Magical World of Disney Card Game

    First, I'll to cut to the chase:

    The Magical World of Disney Expandable Card Game is now available as a series of FREE PDF downloads:

    Disney ECG

    Now a bit of history...

    About 10 years ago, I came up with a CCG based on having Disney characters interacting with each other. It wasn't to hard to write as I used to work for Disney, both at Disneyland in the 80's and later at the Studio in the 90's. I also collect Disneyland memorabilia. I know Disney.

    So, I got a prototype of 600 cards together.

    I first sent the cards, constructed decks, and rules to Joyce Greenholt at SCRYE magazine. She liked the game and gave me some great feedback I took to heart.

    Now, you'd think an ex-Disney Studios employee would be somewhat knowledgable about licensing. I looked into funding the game on my own and the Disney licensing requirements are outrageous!

    I took the game next to UpperDeck. They liked what they saw. However, they were just about to release their own non-game Disney collector card series and didn't want to have competing products.

    After a few dozen other inquiries I gave up hope of ever publishing the game.

    In 2007, I decided to rebuild the game using the Wizard of Oz books as a base for the game. By the Fall of 2008 I was ready to go to press with the Oz Collectible Card Game when this funny thing happened to the banking industry and I lost my funding.

    About a year ago I was turned on to KickStarter. I worked on fine-tuning the game and changed to a living card game mode of card distribution. (I quit Magic myself about a year and a half ago due to the high costs of chasing "good" cards, and my local Magic scene went from very casual and friendly group play to 1-on-1 kill or be killed sanctioned play only.)

    The Card Game of Oz has now been picked up by the lovely people of Game Salute offering some more feedback after play-testing, and putting me in touch with some manufacturers.

    Since it was coming up on Christmas, waiting to get production quotes back has taken longer than usual. I've had some time on my hands...

    I re-worked the old Disney game to the same mechanics as my upcoming Oz game: Orion's Bell. (Still waiting on a packaging quote from a Chinese/Canadian firm) Trashed all the old cards, did new film captures, tweaked the card art, and decided to concentrate each release on just one film at a time per release.

    The first two sets are now up on the web site: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, and The Black Cauldron. March 2012's release will be Fantasia.
    You can download everything for FREE! All the cards are laid out in PDFs of 6 cards each. Card backs and a rules booklet are also in PDF format.

    You'll need:
    1) premium matte photo paper 8.5 x 11" (preferably double-sided)
    2) scissors (pref. is an X-Acto knife & cutting mat)
    3) color inkjet printer (pref. is 6-color over 4-color)
    4) 2.5 x 3.5" sleeves
    5) 2 dice (pref. 1 red and 1 blue)
    6) sense of fun and imagination

    Note: "Magical" cards can be downloaded in separate PDFs if you want to take the extra step of printing them on inkjet foil laminate film available through

    I hope some of you will take the time and effort to try the game. It's been a multi-year labour of love.

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