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  • The Fun and Games Lounge Search Game

    Okay here is a new idea.

    You skim through any of the threads, opened or closed, here in the Fun and Games Lounge.....Only in this lounge and no other ones here on MC.

    You find a post in one of the threads, Highlight, copy and paste it here on this thread. Then other MCers will have to guess what thread your quote came from, they have to provide a link to the page the original post is on and tell who the original poster was.

    Then when you guess that right, it is your turn to find another post here in the Fun and Games Lounge, quote it here, and let us figure out what thread it came from and who posted it.


    Who said this?

    O.K., since this being called the Fun and Games lounge, we need a Fun and Games Game.

    Two words that go together, that is all you need to post. Obviously Fun and Games go together, so that will be the first entry, the next poster will come up with 2 more things that go together. It can be anything, such as people, places, things, emotions, colors, numbers. I think you get the idea.

    First entry is:

    Fun and Games
    Answer: Barbaraann in the Fun and Games Thread Game

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    Re: The Fun and Games Lounge Search Game

    I will start off.

    How said this and in what thread?

    I know its a movie...but i said Ever After....The King and I starts with t!

    On with the game!

    Saving Private Ryan


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      Re: The Fun and Games Lounge Search Game



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