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Who else has been arrested?


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  • Who else has been arrested?

    Let me clarify, I was not arrested or charged with anything, but I was handcuffed and placed in custody for 2 hours.

    Last Friday I decided to confront the individuals across the street who work on their Vespas late at night (there are about 7 of them). When they woke up my daughter at 10:30, i went over and asked them to stop. The owner of the house said yes, no problem. Once I was back in, 5 minutes later they started up their engines again, waking up all 4 of my kids. I went over and asked not so niceley this time, but I only pushed the guy who ran up to me to tell me to leave before he kicks my @$$.

    MY other neighbor already called the police, when I walked back to my driveway, the Police pulled up, and started asking whats going on? The guy I pushed said I assaulted him. The cop came over to me and said I was lucky, they were not going to file assault charges, but they were taking me in for being drunk in public. First thing, I had two glasses of wine with my wife while the kids were assleep., Second, they never gave me a breathalizer, Third, I was on my own property. They hauled me in, said my wife could bail me out, but I was flabbergasted, I was never given a sobriety test, but yet told I was intoxicated in public, even though myself, and my neighbor were stating that the Vespa individuals were the ones making the noise.

    They took me to the jail, took all my belongings, took a picture of me, then told me I wasn't being charged w/ anything and I was free to go. I have a document from the jail saying I was not arrested nor charged with any crime, but how can they do this?
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    Re: Who else has been arrested?

    Sorry you had such a crappy evening. I've been arrested and not charged with anything 4 times - when I was in my teens 3 times, once in my 30's. The 3 I chalk up to being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. The 4th was similar to yours but I had a baseball bat and didn't like the 45th straight night of partying at the neighbor's house. Got to spend the night in a jail cell. My stepdad was a cop and that probably kept me out of the system - he didn't have a problem with the way the situations were handled.


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      Re: Who else has been arrested?

      Luckily, I've escaped even traffic tickets.

      However, I have been around when others were arrested. It's equally not as fun going through that stress.


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