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  • Games for an OCD

    I am an OCD person. And I am the one who is compulsive of organizing almost everything. It freaks me out whenever it gets messy or disorganized or a step hasn't been done in doing things.

    One of the games that calms me is chess, boggle, Chinese checkers. Do you have any game in mind that is good for an OCD person like me? I would appreciate a lot!

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    Chess builds my character, makes me smarter and physically stronger (sounds amazing!), allows me to meet new friends and have fun. And my words have proof. New acquaintances appear not only from visiting classes in the district chess club but also from taking part in city, regional, and adult tournaments. And, that happens not infrequently, acquaintance grows into friendly relations and even into friendship. I also love mathematical formulas and apply them to free spins bonuses when calculating probability. I like these mind games
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