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Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!


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  • Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

    Its true ladies- check it out!

    So, if you had 10 minutes in Sephora, what would be in your basket?

    I would load up on:

    - Bare Minerals (of course): lots of bisque, foundation, and mineral veil, a bunch of brushes, and every color of eye shadow, etc that they make.

    -Smashbox- clean out their photo finish primer (travel and full sized) eye shadow mosiacs, anti-shine compacts,

    -Lorac- lip polishes

    That's just off the top of my head- I would also stock up on Frederick Fekkai and Jonathan hair products, Too Faced pallates and a bunch of Philosophy, Caudalie, Benefit and Juice stuff, as well as grabbing a nice hair dryer, bags and travel cases, and perfume. I think 10 minutes is plenty of time to stock up on everything you could possible want for life in Sephora, if you had a good game plan. I am having fun just imagining it.

    So ladies, its your turn- what would you make sure to grab if you won the 10-minute shopping spree?
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    Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

    Without thinking, to add to your already great list:

    - All things Philosophy, I love their 3-in-1's
    - Good ceramic flat iron
    - Trip thru fragrances!


    • #3
      Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

      I'd grab all the Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals and Jonathan Product I could get my grubby paws on.


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        Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

        Thanks for posting that shopping spree link! I entered, so, no one else needs to because I am going to win.


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          Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

          I'd totally stock up on my favourite Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrances (all the vanilla-based ones ). Then I'd move on to the Philosphy section - lots of bath and body stuff please. Stila would be next, and then Fresh - I love their Soda shampoo and Lemon Sugar fragrance. I'd grab a few new demeter fragrances, and if I still had time I'd hit Urban Decay for their flavoured body powders. Fun!


          • #6
            Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

            (going by way of the DTD layout)
            Start in the fragrances, comptoir sud pacifique
            Move to my right, hit Nars, wipe out thier shadows
            Otherside of that aisle, wipe OUT Smashbox, shadows, primers, glosses oh my!
            Spin aroud oops there's Too Faced, one big sweep of the arm THANK YOU!
            Rush around the corner, Philosophy Great One & 3 in 1's, all of 'em!
            Hit Jonhathan stock up!
            Turn and Hit the Urban Decay, sparkler pins, body powder and shadow
            Step to the right Cargo blushe(to give to the lovely Stinkerbell
            sprint around that aisle for Tarte glosses & Benefit skincare
            BAM 9 minutes 10 seconds, grab a fews gifts and I'm done

            I have to go lay down now, even visiualizing that was a work out

            Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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              Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

              Um, whats' the most expensive thing or the thing with the most resale value?

              Face that facts... there's no way I can use all that stuff before they go bad so, other than Christmas gifts, I'd want a few items that I could turn around for a nice profuit.
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                Re: Sephora Shopping Spree- a dream come true!!!!!!!

                I went to Sephora again tonight. Was able to look around better as last time it was totally packed. I told one of the guys working there this was like my own personal crackhouse and he about died laughing.

                Oh yeah... and I bought 2 more pots of Bare Minerals eyeshadow. Heeee!!


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