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My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

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  • My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

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    Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

    My ears have been pierced since I was about 8 months old.

    When I was 14 my best friend pierced the cartillage of my right ear with a safety pin and an ice cube. I let her do it cause I wanted to be cool (I know, lame, right, I was 14, what do ya want?) It didn't hurt overly bad, never got infected, and 13 years later I still wear a cute little hoop in it.

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      Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

      I had mine done when I was 14. It wasn't that bad!

      The one thing I realy recommend is having two people pierce them so you can have both done at the same time. Then you only have to go through the shock feeling once!


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        Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

        Oh darn, I thought this was an actual ear question, but it's only a lobe question. No wonder my pager didn't go off. Sorry, I've got nuthin'.

        *sulking away*

        Wait, I must :vogue: before I go.

        It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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          Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

          my first piercing were doen when I was 5. I was told it would nto hurt. they did one. My scream echoed throughout the mall. I refused to have the other one done. The next day my mother bribed me with some kind of toy and my grandmother said she would get her ears done if I got my other hole done. So, i went back. The second one didn't hurt as much. When I was in my twenties I got the other 6 done. The cartlidge one hurt the most and took the longest to heal. It got infected and was very tender to the touch for months afterwards. All my holes are pretty much closed up now, but when i want to waer earings I just shove them in. they make a little pop noise and I'm good to go...

          I was not nervous for my other 6 piercings and I was not nervous for my tattoo either. I fell alseep when they were inking me....LOL...they woke me up when it was done and asked if I wanted to look...

          my daughter pireced her own ears 4 times and she also pierced her own belly button.


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            I've had my ear lobes pierced since I was a year or so old. They're still there. I've pierced the cartilage of both ears at least four times now. Why? Because I take it out to clean the earring stud, and it seals up in less than a couple minutes. What the heck is up with that?! I wasn't nervous that much since i've always had a high tolerance for pain.


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              Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

              Originally posted by SCUBAbe
              my daughter pireced her own ears 4 times and she also pierced her own belly button.
              Impressive. And ouch.

              I've had 8 holes put in my lobes and still have six. I've had my bellybutton pierced 4 times re-do and TWICE I let it close because of babies. :blush:

              The pain doesn't bother me in the least. The anticipation is a rush and once it's done, there's a sparkly piece of jewelry as a reward for a job well done.

              Just do it girl.
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                Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                Had mine first pierced when I was about 7 or 8 yrs old. Due to thick ear lobes they were always infected because they didn't have extended posts back in the day so I let them close up. When I was about 13 I went and had them done again and it didn't really faze me... I had second holes done when I was 16 but now I never wear earrings in the second hole....

                My daughters earring story.....

                When my daughter was born, my husbands family was pretty ticked off that I wouldn't have her ears pierced. I have always thought that it's too dangerous, what if they pulled it out and swallowed it... So, my theory was, when she was old enough to say she wanted earrings we'd take her.

                So, for her 3rd bday she said she wanted to have earrings. We take her to some store in the mall. My husband and mother in law are all excited but WHO has to sit and hold her while they pierce her ears???? You got it- ME!!! DH and MIL ran to the back of the store because they didn't want to see her cry. Lo and behold, they had two girls pierce her ears at the same time. We now have a crowd of spectators in front of the store because everyone is expecting to see this 3 yr old girl scream her lungs out and wouldn't you know it... she didn't even move a muscle, not a tear came out of her eyes... NOTHING!!! No reaction at all. Everyone was amazed....

                NOW!!!! 4 years later she still has earrings but she will NOT let me change them unless she is asleep. A few times the earrings have fallen out and it has taken us hours to get it back in because all she does is cry if we go near her ears! :lmao:

                My advice: Ask to have both ears done at the same time. They'll mark dots on your ears with marker and two people can count to 3 and pierce


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                  Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                  I always wanted my ears pierced... when I was in grade school, I let my best friend try to pierce my ears - OUCH. I have a bump and an infection where the ear meets my face that comes and goe thanks to that trial!

                  When I was 16, my mom FINALLY let me get them pierced. I hardly wear earrings anymore, though, thy hurt if I leave them in too long. I wear 'em at Christmas and stuff but that's about it.

                  I always wanted a double piercing in my left ear but I never did it.
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                    Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                    I have a total of 14 holes in my ears, 8 on 1 side and 6 on the other. I had 15 at one point, but the one in the cartilage never healed right and I got tired of messing with it. Usually the most I wear are 5, but the other holes are still there.


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                      Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                      I say go for it. I love my ears pierced. I love the feal of dangly earrings tickling my neck and the soft whindchime sound I hear once in a while. There is such a variety of earrings and I enjoy makeing my own one of a kind designs. If you can get past being scared, you'll be fine. The fear is the worst part. Even through my worst experience, I've never regreted mine.

                      My ears were pierced the first time when I was a kid. I got to get my ears pierced and my Grandmother got to buy me some really hideous school clothes:yuck: . This was pre gun, I won't go into the ucky details. The man who did them gave me some advice that has always worked for me. Turn each earring at least twice a day to prevent your skin from healing to them. Clean them with peroxide and/or alcohol at least twice a day (peroxide is good cleaning but doesn't sterolize).

                      My second set of holes were during high school. The gun was around by then. It didn't hurt at all, but the noise of the gun startled me and I jumped. My ear was sore later in the day but Tylenol fixed that. I stayed with the advice from my first ear piercing and never had a problem.

                      Then about 10 years ago, I got a third hole in my right ear and a cartilige pierce in the left. The gun was used for both and I got stainless steel earings (I was told cheaper and safer). :ceek: BIG, HUGE, PAINFUL MISTAKE!!!!!

                      I had a mild nickle allergy I didn't know about. I just knew that sometimes cheap earrings made my ears itch until I took them out. It turns out a mild allergy can turn into a severe allergy when in constant proxemity to the irritant. By the third day, I was at my doctors office. The swelling had popped the back of the earring off and I had developed a serious infection. We talked it over; the right side I took out and just let heal over. I knew if I did that with the cartilige, I'd never put it back. Dr. Peggy advised me put a gold hoop to allow for air and drainage, 14 karat best but no lower than 12 karat. I had to take antibiotics but she said I already knew what to do for the rest, just keep doing what I normally do more often and put neosporin or polysportin on after cleaning . She said the peroxide/alcohol worked better than the cleaning stuff they sold me to prevent infections. I still have the cartilige pierce with my gold hoop and I love it.

                      What I would recomend from my experience:

                      :smart: GOLD EARRINGS! Prefferably 14 karat but not below 10 karat. If you are a big girl like me, go for an extended (longer) post.

                      :smart: Take some Tylenol, Advil or Motrin (not Asprin) about an hour before your piercing; then take it regularly for about 24 hours to keep from getting sore.

                      :smart: Turn or twist your earrings several times a day during healing. Wash your hands first though.

                      :smart: Clean your ears morning and night (more often if needed) with peroxide. If you get bubbling, follow up with alcohol.

                      :smart: Once you can start taking your earrings out, drop them in some peroxide. If they bubble, wipe them and your ears with alcohol.

                      Well, I really didn't intend to write a novel. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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                        Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                        See...with me I do better with surgical steel than with gold.


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                          Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                          I got mine done when I was 9, but they didn't take. Tried again when I was 11 and one got infected so I let the holes close. My left earlobe is thicker than my right one, so earrings aren't really good for me... plus now I can't stand the thought of holes in my ears. But if I pinch my earlobes, I can feel where the holes were... 20 years later!


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                            Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                            I must have only 14+K gold in my ears (I have 4 holes). No costume jewelry, no silver The first set of holes was not a problem. The second set farther up my ears are still sensitive so I only wear earrings once in a while on that set. But the don't close up no matter how long it is between .


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                              Re: My Ears? -- Any advice ladies?

                              My mom wouldn't let me get mine done in the mall (she didn't trust 'em and I was too scared to go under the gun) so instead we went to the dermatologist. It was actually a really OK experience! They marked my ears with the dots of where the holes were going, and then they numbed me with a shot (which did hurt, but only for a second) and then I heard a little crunch and thought nothing of it, and about two seconds later, they said I was done. :blink: yeah. That's all there was to it. The earrings just had a very very VERY sharp point to the end and they just pushed it though my ear and then broke it off and ta-da! earrings!! like others have mentioned, keep twirling them around, clean 'em all the time, and don't wear any cheap metal for at least the first 6 months. I got headaches with anything other than fine metal of a while, but it eventually went away (but it still affects my mom and sister). So, good luck girlie! You're SO going to love shopping for sparkelie earrings!! They're the bestest!!

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