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What Should I Do??


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  • What Should I Do??

    me and The Crew used to see how many walmarts we could get kicked out of, excpet the one thats near us cuz we shop there, but any ways there was this girl who worked there and i had (still have) a crush on her, she seemed 'like that' but i wasnt sure, my friends said i should talk to her and what not but i didnt (cuz i was afraid that the the same thing would happen that happend with the girl at the pizza place) well one day when im at work (im a bagger at a grocery store) she comes in to apply for a job, i was thinking oh my god thats the walmart girl, so i go on break and text one of my friends like oh my god guess who just came and applyed.

    so she ends up getting the job, at first i was afraid to bag for her because i didnt know what to say to her. (im shy and extreamly shy around people im attracted to) so i guess one day i was bagging for raina (the awsome manager/cashier) and she says that i should bag for ___ (dont want to say her name but the 'walmart girl') and raina also said something about i need to bag for her cuz "she thinks you hate her cuz u dont bag for her" the reason i didnt bag for her is because i tryed bagging for her before and she never talked to me so i thought she was the one who didnt like me. so i go over and bag for her and she talks to me and i think shes cool i like her.

    so i kinda did my own little "test" (like in the ep. where they try to find out about Laura Perkins, from the 1st season) so im thinking...well she kinda seems 'like that' because the way she walks and talks, the way she dresses, and she likes football. but im thinking shes probly straight because there was this other coworker who at times seemed gay but she wasnt (well im not sure she might have been bi, she moved back to california and i never got to find out)

    then this one day (this part is random) im bagging for her and i find this maggie simpson doll on one of the registers and so i put it on her register and we laugh about it, so then she was all "i think we should tell ron we had a baby" (ron is another cool manager who likes to joke around and sing) so she calls him over and was all "we have to tell you our announcement, we had a baby" and he was all like "aw congrats" and then some of the coustomers who were standing there laughted and said "congrats"

    so at this point im thinking, she could be gay or that was just a random thing for fun.

    well she also works at the ihop across the street from the grocery store, so one day me and a few of my friends go over there to eat (we go to ihop at least once a month) so she comes over and talks to me and of course i dont talk that much like usual. so then when she walks away my friends are all like "oooooh" and stuff.

    so yesterday i stopped by work to get my schedual and bring her some stuff i got her from Disneyland. She says thank you and gives me a hug and says she wants to take me to a movie tonight. my friends/roommates are all "ooh you have a date" and they are all teasin me about it. so around 7pm she comes to pick me up, (not a date because her roommate came with) so we go to the theater and see Corpse Bride, im thinkin that maybe her and her roommate are together (male roommate) so then after the movie we go to Famous Sams (a bar) and play pool.

    so we are playin pool and her roommate was all "you suck" and she said "no i lick" and im thinkin oh my god shes got to be so im like smiling inside thinking she is. and she was talkin about 'hot girls' and stuff so i've come to the conclusion that shes at least bi.

    well last night when i got home, i sent her a text message saying that the reason im shy around her is because im attracted to her. and she hasnt replyed yet.

    so i dont know what to do, i dont kow if she hasnt repyed because A shes bothered by it B she doenst kow waht to say or C she hasnt check her messages yet.

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    Re: What Should I Do??

    Here's my $0.02

    I really don't see much indication in your post to even guess as to weather this girl is straight, bi, gay or anything in between. There is (for the most part) no lesbian walk, talk, or specific lesbian interests. Because she likes football? My mom came out 20 years ago, and neither she nor her partner of 15 years (my step-mom ) like sports of any kind!!!

    I know when I was your age I used to read into the behavior and words of the guys I had a crush on for ANY hint that they might like me too. It was agonizing. It sounds like that's what you're doing here. Don't put yourself through that! I know its of major concern to you right now, but its not worth worrying about. If things are meant to be, they will work themselves out without you stressing.

    I think you did the right thing by just saying what's on your mind. I know how hard that is, I don't think I would have had the guts to do it at your age! The best thing you can do now, is sit back and let things happen!

    P.S. PLEASE tell me you've stopped doing silly, childish things like getting kicked out of stores and putting soap in fountains.

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    Originally posted by TheHousingBubbleBlog
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