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A question about bareMinerals Foundation.


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    Originally posted by Aunt Bee
    If you do have a Bare Escentuals store near you...
    I just checked on their website and there are 2 of those stores within 15 minutes of my casa!!! (One in the same mall as the Sephora).

    Thanks, Aunt Bee....
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      Wow, thanks for all the info all of you! I just need to gather the extra cash for all of this!


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        Originally posted by Pirate Wench
        Is Pebbles perhaps a Bare Minerals employee? Thanks for the info!
        Nope, she's not. She just loves all things Sephora.

        Thanks to her arm twisting (like I needed that :lol: ) I bought the starter kit last night along with an eye shadow. I can't experiment until this weekend. I'm so excited!
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          I used to use Bare escentuals foundation, but I prefer my MAC studio finish and studio fix. The Bare escentuals didn't give me enough coverage. It would look great, but the red spots from zits of yesterday would still come through the makeup.

          It is easy to use and feels great on your skin, so I would recommend it for people without complextion problems, but it just wasn't for me. My sister still uses it, and it looks terrible on her skin too. She has a lot of blackheads and oily skin, and everything comes through too.
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            Originally posted by Pirate Wench
            Is Pebbles perhaps a Bare Minerals employee? Thanks for the info!
            Aww! Thank you muchly, Pirate Wench! Alas, I am not an employee for Bare Minerals. However, you've got me thinking about what a lovely part time job that would make! Sigh..I get so dreamy over make-up! :love:

            BarTopDancer! I am so excited you purchased that kit and let me test eye shadows on your wrist! You were so sparkly! I was a good girl and only purchased a Mineral Veil refill and the i.d. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Retractable Brush (Oops! And an Urban Decay XXX Gloss in Heatherette! Oh! And a Nars Blush in Nico. Maybe I wasn't that good at all. ) I fell in love with a shadow called Drama. Now, if I purchase it, with every blink of my eye I can create Drama. If only drama existed in just shadow form!
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              Originally posted by Pebbles
              I fell in love with a shadow called Drama. Now, if I purchase it, with every blink of my eye I can create Drama. If only drama existed in just shadow form!
              :lol: I love this!! You rock fair Pebbles!! :bow:

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                I have received my Bare Minerals!!! <<<me

                I must say I can NOT believe the difference in under eye circles, OMG :bow:

                My skin looks nicer too, much

                I think my pores are a bit more pronounced but I think it's just me being me.

                But I am really digging it so far

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                  i didn't make this weekend to sephora or bare minerals. spent sunday at ikea buying a new bedroom set for my daughter. $370 for the whole room!! YAY!!

                  which leads me to my question: how expensive is this bare minerals stuff?
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                    Originally posted by Dirty Martini
                    which leads me to my question: how expensive is this bare minerals stuff?
                    Kits are $60, which includes a LOT of stuff, including two shades of foundation, Mineral Veil, brushes, etc.. Or, the Bare Minerals foundation runs $25 individually, and the Mineral Veil (top "layer") is $20.
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                      Originally posted by dsnylndmom

                      I think my pores are a bit more pronounced but I think it's just me being me.
                      The mineral veil should help minimize your pores.
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                        I love the Bare Minerals makeup. Since I started wearing it, I've gotten my Mom & Sister hooked as's great stuff and I love the way it looks.

                        Besides Sephora, another place to buy Bare Minerals/Escentuals online is They have a complete selection of makeup available.

                        They sent me a link with a 5% off coupon plus Free Shipping with $50 purchase.

                        The site defaults to Mineral Essence, but click on the link on the left that says "mineral makeup" and it will take you to the bare escentuals section.


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                          Oh my god! I love this thread! Long live no make up make up. I have been using the lightest clinique foundation for a while, but it's time to get a new bottle. I'm going to try bare minerals. Only problem is I don't have a car and the only one I can reliably con into giving me a ride somewhere is my boyfriend. Shopping for make up with boys = no fun. I can already see this month's paycheck going down the drain. Here is how it will go.

                          Panda walks into Sephora armed with the phrase "All I want is foundation and blush. Point me toward Bare Minerals please."

                          Salesperson: Let me help you with that. Look at this pretty eyeshadow. It's dramatic, but understated.

                          Panda: I like the way you think, salesperson, but all I need is foundation and blush. Besides, I don't have any lipsticks that would match that eyeshadow...d'oh!

                          Salesperson: But look over here, we have a lipstick here that was practically meant to go with this eyeshadow.

                          Moral of the story: I leave with foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and a new brush set that I also fell in love with and my boyfriend marvels that I could spend so much money on stuff that I don't wear a lot anyway.

                          Second moral of the story...boys will never understand the exhileration of shopping for makeup.
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                            I agree! I have using this for over two years now and it's great. My mom originally ordered it from QVC and we've been using it since. They have stores across the US but the only two I know of are in San Fran and at the Mall of America. They will also sell them at QVC stores. At the Mall of America there is both a QVC and Bi store but they tend to sell different items. It may be pricey, but it lasts long and is well worth it!


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                              I had been feeling iffy about my bare minerals but today I got a nice big ol' compliment on my skin, so that seals it!

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                                Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                                I had been feeling iffy about my bare minerals but today I got a nice big ol' compliment on my skin, so that seals it!
                                Yay!!!! :bow:


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                                  Is it available at all Sephoras? I don't remember seeing it at the last one I was at. (The nearest Sephora is about 1.5 hours away ... so that means I can't just pop down there and check).

                                  Also, I was looking online at Sephora and they also have a Goddess kit that has
                                  Set includes: Gossamer all-over face dust, Compassion blush (rosy plum), Intuition glimpse (deep eggplant), Trust glimmer (golden lavender), Humor liner shadow (black gold), Love lip bud (blushing red), Gossamer lip gloss (sheer gold sparkle), Earth lip liner, Heavenly Face Brush, Heavenly Eyeshadow Buffing Brush, Heavenly Eyeliner Blending Brush.
                                  Is that worth the $60? The colors that they include, would that look good on most people?


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                                    Re: A question about bareMinerals Foundation.

                                    Hello all, I'm new here and after reviewing bareminerals online I found this site,,, Just thought I would pass on another website where to purchase bareminerals products. I've been contemplating buying there products as well, and trying to get the best price as it is quite expensive,, but I guess if you look at the price you spend on some make-up, it may not be that bad in the long run, especially if it last a long time. This site was helpful, even had a online chat representative to speak to if you have any questions, has free shipping on orders $60.00 or more,, plus free samples! Worth taking a look at>>>


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                                      Re: A question about bareMinerals Foundation.

                                      I finally tried this stuff last summer after watching the infomercials for years. There's a Bare Escentuals boutique at the Florida Mall in Orlando (we didn't have Sephora in my neck of the woods yet), so I drove 100 miles to finally check out. And now I'm another happy convert!

                                      The thing I love about Bare Minerals is it's perfect for ANY skin type. So many people think it's a powder but it's really not. It's crushed minerals. If you touch it with your finger it feels silky. You can have as much or as little coverage as you want and it doesn't look or feel like you're wearing anything. You honestly can't screw up applying it.

                                      In the summer I use the foundation in Tan... this winter I've been using it in Medium with a little Warmth face color. I got a sample of True face color when the Sephora here opened. I've been using it as a blush and sometimes as an eye shadow.

                                      My eye shadow/glimmer/glimpse collection has really increased lately. I have:

                                      Sugar Plum (sparkly dark purple liner shadow... I suck at using it as a liner so I use it as shadow instead)
                                      Bare Skin (kinda coppery glimmer)
                                      Pink Posey (bright pink glimpse)
                                      Envy (green glimmer)
                                      Silk Rose (apricot rose shadow)
                                      Patience (silver shadow)
                                      Meet the Browns kit (wearable brown light, wearable brown medium & wearable brown dark)
                                      Shartung (maroon shadow)

                                      I also have the regular mineral veil and the tinted mineral veil. I've come to like the tinted much better. The regular is supposed to be sheer but it washes me out sometimes.
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                                        Re: A question about bareMinerals Foundation.

                                        Ooh, I just got Meet the Browns about a month ago and it has become my daily choice of color. I actually mix & match the three colors in that set with Thank You from the Gift of Giving set that came out at the holidays.

                                        The nice thing about purchasing BE either at Sephora or via QVC is that if you really don't like it, which will probably not be the case, you can return it. Of course, if you're like the rest of us, you'll be addicted soon too.
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                                          Re: A question about bareMinerals Foundation.

                                          Not to sound like a broken record, but Bare Minerals ROCKS!!!! I cannot say enough good things about it!

                                          Dirty Martini - I have super fair, yet olive skin, and it works great for me. I'm usually really hard to match.

                                          I also use the Bare Essencuals mascara and love it. I don't usually wear other eye make-up, but am thinking of trying some of the BE stuff.

                                          I am still just using the Warmth from my starter kit, and like it a lot. For those of you who are using blush instead, what made you decide to switch? Do you still use warmth too, or just the blush?

                                          Who has tried the Nude lip kit? I want to try it, but it doesn't look "nude" to me. I'm always on a search for a good, true, nude lip color without blue or yellow undertones.

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