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Gifts for school teachers


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  • Gifts for school teachers

    The holidays are here. I would like to give a lovely gift to my child's school teacher. Any ideas, ladies?

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    Re: Gifts for school teachers

    Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards!

    Starbucks Card and some baked goods would be nice (unless you know they're on a diet).

    Almost everybody has a use for a Target gc, not to mention she/he probably buys a lot of school supplies there. Same with Office Depot/Office Max/Staples.

    I would really love a Beauty Supply store gift card, but I'm not a teacher!

    Seriously, no Apple #1 teacher stuff, no Christmas ornaments! How much of that junk do they get every year?


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      Re: Gifts for school teachers

      Trust me on this one!!! Teachers LOVE gift cards!!!!!

      One year with the money I collected for the teachers holiday gift I rolled up all the cash into the shape of a bone and put it in the mouth of a stuffed beagle dog. The teacher LOVES beagles so she thought it was the greatest gift ever- a little gift and cash I like to find out where they love to shop or what they collect.

      Since I know a lot of teachers and volunteer in the school they all tell me that they usually regift the things they get. Sad but true....


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        Re: Gifts for school teachers

        I work for the schools, so I know EXACTLY what ALL teachers want:

        They want Plato, Reading Horizons, and English Discoveries to actually work for a change! They'd be the happiest teachers in the world if only the programs they need working on the computers would actually work!


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          Re: Gifts for school teachers

          My mom lways made homemade candy, spiced nuts and little cookies... My teachers always loved those!
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            Re: Gifts for school teachers

            Three things I can think of. One is a gift card to Staples or Offive Depot. Teachers need to spemd their money on themselves. Second is the gift of time. Volunteer to help the teacher whenever you can. Third and most importantly, a gift of caring. Write a letter to the teacher telling them how much you appreciate them being there.
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              Re: Gifts for school teachers

              I wholehearedly agree with KoH's post. A good friend of mine has taught kindergarten and first grade for many years and she always spends some of her own money for special items needed for the classrooms. A gift card of Staples or Office Depot would be terrific or some movie passes.
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                Re: Gifts for school teachers

                Yeah, actually a gift that helps offset what they spend on their classes would probably be cool. But then again, so would a Target GC to make up the difference

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                  Re: Gifts for school teachers

                  I always give a nice platter of homemade treats, with a card from the boys and then a little giftcard of sometype. Starbucks is usually popular.

                  We've also done(as a class gift)a large basket with movie tickets, movie rental coupons, candies, popcorns and cute popcorn bowls.

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                    Re: Gifts for school teachers

                    I just make a donation in their honor to "The Human Fund"


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                      Re: Gifts for school teachers

                      I bought Sephora gift packs for each of the kids teachers over the summer. I will probably give them some homemade goodies too.

                      We are going to have to figure out something to do for the staff at daycare. We can't afford to to buy a present for each of the teachers. Maybe a plate of cookies and a small ornament for each of them.
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                        Re: Gifts for school teachers

                        I always loved the homemade treats when I was teaching. I could definitely do without anything with the saying "2 teach is 2 touch a life 4ever". That has to be the MOST annoying saying! Coffee mugs are another thing to avoid. Personal notes always meant alot to me!


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                          Re: Gifts for school teachers

                          My mom and I used to make our own Christmas ornaments and treats (cookies/candies, etc.) for teachers/doctors/etc. We never bought any of that "#1 teacher" crap. I never thought much of the stuff we made. Then a week after I graduated from high school my 1st grade teacher sent me a lovely card congratulating me on my graduation and she mentioned in detail the little ornament that I had made for her all those years ago. I never thought she would have kept it all these years, but she stated she put it on her tree each year.

                          So if you are good at a certain craft, consider making something with your child for the teacher. GC sounds like a good idea too.
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                            Re: Gifts for school teachers

                            Former teacher here. First what NOT to get: mugs of any kind, smelling bath products of any kind.

                            Like others have said, gift cards are much appreciated, but most memorable and appreciated are the notes/letters/cards I've gotten from not only students (we know parents make them do that most of the time), but the notes of thanks from parents have truly made my day/year. Teaching can be a thankless job a lot of the time, so when someone takes the time to tell you that you are doing a good job and have made a difference in their child's life, it is very special.


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                              Re: Gifts for school teachers

                              My mother use to give my teachers soap and pantyhose. Huh?
                              Talk about suggestions for hygiene!

                              Everyone thank you for your suggestions. The treats and gift cards are a great idea. I will read the receipe thread on micechat for ideas on treats.


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