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    Get you're cosmos ready!! I love Sex and the City, and it seemed like some episodes reminded me of myself in some situations..Here, feel free to reflect you're fave episodes, fave lines, fave clothing and shoes, not-so-fave clothing and shoes, fave Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha moment!!

    One of my fave episodes, would have to be, in season 1..."the up the butt" episode..and all the 4 ladies are in the back of the taxi cab..that scene is memorable!!
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    I'm a Charlotte. Plain and simple. For me, one of my favorite episodes was when Charlotte gave her wedding ring to Carrie to help her buy her apartment. It showed Charlotte's vulnerability as wanting to keep her "perfect facade" in check as well as her social upbringing.

    I just recently saw this episode and watched it with a good friend who used to live in NYC. For her, it was a taste of a life she used to have and for me... it was sharing a good episode with my good friend.
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      I don't resemble any of them...
      Not into fashion - no Carrie in me
      Not really worried about what others think - no Charlotte
      No longer a slut - I was Samantha for about 3 months one summer 13 years ago
      I do share the most qualities with Miranda. I have a good carreer and I have a son, but I was married when I got preggers and I am still married (going on 11 years).

      Also none of these women are BBWs living in semi-small town California.


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        So I'm 36 & totally relate to S&C!

        Scariest moment that I related to: Charlotte goes shopping for a bed & is supposed to meet new hubby, Trey, but his mom, Bunny, shows up instead! Even better Trey shows up & she's forced to try beds w/Trey & Mom at the same time! My ex was a total mama's boy. Watching those shows the last yr or two were too close for comfort!

        Favorite Dude: Smith Jerrod. Not only hunky but totally accepting of Samantha. He always said the right things, did the right things and was there for her even after she went back & had sex w/Richard. Sweet & Hot & Young = Good Mix!

        All my friends are about that age range & we are all single so we all relate. We're all a little of each chick. God, I miss that show. Thank god for DVD!


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          Ooooh, my favorite topic!!! I have total S&tC weekends....I stay in bed with my personal DVD player and watch season after season. I have all six seasons on DVD now and have seen every episode at least three times.....several seasons I've seen 4-5 times. I obsess over it! Can't watch just one episode! :devil:

          Some favorite scenes that makes me bawl:

          Samantha mouthing, "I'm sorry" at Miranda's mother's funeral.

          Magda kissing Miranda and telling her that she knows how to love (last episode, when Miranda is bathing Mary Brady). That's a lot of M names!

          Charlotte giving Carrie her engagement ring, so that Carrie can buy her apartment from Aidan.

          When I realized Carrie and Aidan were really over....god, that hurt my heart.

          When Samantha comes down after screwing Richard and Smith is there to take care of her.

          When Smith comes back and they make love (instead of f'ing) and her plant has bloomed. I bawl. The symbolism was really beautiful.

          Favorite scenes that don't make me bawl:

          Aidan and Big fighting in the mud. Humina. Hotness.

          Carrie and what'shisname who can't keep it up and always pre-ejaculates...the way she'd just hand him a tissue cracked me up...and how she had to break up with his mom at the end.

          When Carrie's high eating the bucket of chicken and takes off with the guy's pot because his mom busts them. Too funny.

          The post-it note break-up. Would TOTALLY happen to me....the entire episode.

          Any scene with Bunny, but especially the scene when it's announced that Charlotte was seen making out with the gardener and no one reacts in the McDougall household. Freaking hilarious...they're all drunk.

          The guy who loves to give funny!!! :lol:

          The jack rabbit.

          The dildo model. Hello. :devil:


          I am totally Miranda.....all the way around. Total smart- pessimist who always gets the short end of the stick in her mind....but is totally lucky in every way. I used to hate my Miranda-ness, but now I embrace it.


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            I'm soooo a Carrie. Love shoes, love fashion. Caring and sympathetic. Sexy and fun.

            I can't wait to get home tonight to watch my TiVo-ed Sex and the City episodes from TBS tonight.
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              :devil: I left off Carrie calling Sam Goldycocks. I think, "Who are you? Goldicocks?" all the time in my head....for no good reason!!!


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                THere are just toooo many to list, but STink did a damn good job and I have to agree with her list.

                One of my favorite episodes is the one LV already mentioned, the quotes from my sig. line, I just lmao everytime on that episode.

                Fave episode ever, sappy as it is, is the series finale. BEST series finale EVER!! Hands Down.

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                  Not for kids:
                  One of my favorites was when Samantha says her boyfriend is too small and he tells her that maybe her vagina's too wide... LOL!

                  One of my favorite moments is when a man calls Samantha to tell her that he's ready to marry her and that he's left his wife and her response is "Who is this?"


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                    I love this show, it has really grown on me. I am a Charlotte/ Miranda. I recently saw the episode where Carrie and Aidan breaks up, because she is scared of marrige. It was heartbreaking...

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                      Do you guys watch the re-runs on TBS? Recently the 6th season began, which are episodes I have never seen before (I used to rent the first 5 seasons from my college student activities place). My sister and I were crying when she saw Aiden again with the baby. My sister was soooo into Carrie and Aiden, when they broke up the second time she was crying and hyperventilating. And then when she cries, of course I have to cry too. The 6th season seems really amazing, I am so excited to watch these episodes.
                      i caught you a delicious bass.


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                        I hated how Carrie cheated on Aidan with Big... I was so mad it made me almost stop watching.

                        I think my favorite scene was when Carrie did the fashion show. I loved how she decided to just pick herself up and walk with pride. It was a great Carrie moment!

                        As for me, I think I'm a pretty even mix of all the women. Personality wise, I'm the most like Carrie... but I'm girly like Charlotte, driven like Miranda and well, can be quite naughty like Samantha :devil:

                        God I miss this show! I miss seeing the clothes and the shoes... I still haven't seen the 6th season, so I'm thinking I'll have to go rent it or buy it now!


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                          Originally posted by MegarooFifi
                          I hated how Carrie cheated on Aidan with Big... I was so mad it made me almost stop watching.

                          I think my favorite scene was when Carrie did the fashion show. I loved how she decided to just pick herself up and walk with pride. It was a great Carrie moment!
                          I am so a "carrie should be with Big" girl that Carrie, I was one of the "ohhhh carrie and aiden broke up now she can get back with Big" girls. My SIL(cyneeyore on the board)wanted carrie with Aiden sooooo bad HA

                          I LOVE love love the fashion show episode. It says so much.

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                            I guess I should clarify my point a bit - I didn't hate the fact that Carrie was with Big (I was rooting for them all along!! ), I was just mad at her for not breaking up with Aiden first. I just felt bad for Aiden, who came across as a total sweetheart (for the most part!)


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