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Disney Clothes.....Help!


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  • Disney Clothes.....Help!

    When You go to the park do your kids ask you for that eye catching expesive hockey jersey or Jackets that you know once you leave the park they will never wear again?

    I have so much Disney stuff that my sons had to have.........

    and it still looks brand new. I am a sucker... well actually last time I said no.... my husband was the sucker.

    Do I keep it forever?

    Do I try and recoop my money and sell it?

    Do I give it away?

    I just dont know what to do................
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    I suggest either...

    -save it and pack it for you next trip, then at least they will wear them, plus it's "themed"
    -give it to a friend going on a trip to a Disney park...same concept as above.

    if it's something very special that you just can't part with...How about framing it in a shadowbox and hanging it on their wall?

    just a few ideas, hope that helps,


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      Brian & Ali wear everything they get at the park. Since they visit the park so often, we limit the number of souvenirs they get to take home. If we didn't put a limit on it, we would have to open our own Disney Store.

      You could always sell the items on eBay if your kids don't want to wear the items anymore. Save the items you think they might appreciate later in life, kind of like a time capsule of their trips to Disneyland.
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        I'm lucky my kids wear EVERYTHING that they get from the parks/disney store! In fact, my youngest right now can go for two straight weeks, at least, wearing nothing but Disney shirts/sweatshirts, ask Mamabot, she's seen his collection!

        My oldest unfortunately, is inbetween the largest kid size and smallest adult size so he doesn't have as much. BUT he can go at least a week to 10 days with his.

        They even have Disneyland Paris tee's thanks to a friendly poster on this board :bow:

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          Yeah, the same with our four kids (at least the younger three). Disney clothes everyday to school, family events, camping, etc...

          My oldest son is wearing mostly Jack SK sweatshirts and jackets that we picked up during the past year. Oh yeah, he also wears his Mickey bowling shirt (from the Main St shop) while he bowls in the kids league.


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            Oh.... these dont fit the boys any longer...
            I loved the idea of saving them for later in live or the shadow box thing..
            I loved their little disney 55 jackets.... they used to look so cute in them..
            My Sons 13, 12, are like girls with clothes. They have so many.
            They have very expensive taste. They always get me with that how does this look Mom???
            Thanks for the great ideas though I loved all of them !
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            No, you can't drive IT.

            Drive it like it's stolen.


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