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Long Hair or Short Hair?


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  • Long Hair or Short Hair?

    I'm a curvy (no NOT fat, but NOT skinny..Think, Jennifer Hudson post-weight loss) caucasian blonde, blue eyed female. I CANNOT decide if I should cut my hair! Right now I've got below-the-boob length hair, its pretty long. I've always thought Tori Spelling-esque bob was super cute. I do get a ton of compliments on my hair (sorry to toot my own horn), but it takes 45 minutes to try, and 30 minutes to style (no, I'm not kidding.)

    What do you guys sport? What do you think is cuter?
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    Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

    Keep it long! Short hair has a tendency to make the face look fuller. And I like long hair better :blush:
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      Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

      Hello Seattle it is Bellingham here!

      It isn't so much what we think but what you think about your hair. You are the one who has to wear it. I am a middle aged fluffy who has had every hair color in the book and who has tried numerous times to grow my hair long but it always comes back to I look best in short hair. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love a head of full flowing hair but with my thin fine hair it just aint going to happen.

      Go see a stylist and just talk about different hairstyles for your facial feature or use one of the online sites where you can upload your picture to try different hairstyles with out cutting your hair.

      Oh and Sunnygirl I disagree about short hair making your face look fuller. A poor choice of haircut makes your face look fuller not the length of your hair.
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        Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

        Do it! it will grow back! i LOVE having short hair, and I have a full face. I think it looks really good on me

        Here are like 30 pics LOL!! I do usually wear it back w/barettes or in a half ponytail when its long enough. (Can you tell when I just came from thestylsit and when I didn't? LOL)

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          Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

          Lori Beth, I really like your hairstyle in the 4th picture down.

          Snowwhite ...I would keep it long for now so you can wear it up in a pony tail this summer if need be. You can always go shorter in the fall. But I would do it in steps. Maybe a few inches at first and then a few more. You can always cut off more...not as easy to grow it back.


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            Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

            I feel your pain. My hair is layered...and the longest part almost reaches my bra strap. So, it's pretty long. It's a pain in the butt to deal with. So much so....that I've recently given up fixing it before work in the mornings, and just opt for blowdrying it the night before, and pulling it up into a ponytail. On days off...I will actually take time to fix it....which like you...means blowdrying, curling, hairspraying....just a mess.

            I think you should at least try it short. I get an itch every now and then to chop it all off. I've had to recently learn to fight those urges...because I look TERRIBLE in short hair!

            But, it always good to try new things....and the best thing about'll almost always grow back. LOL

            Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

            (hey NNL....super cute haircut!)


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              Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

              Know Seattle/Western Washington is HUMID. I don't know if you have lived here for a long time or a short time, but what I realized is my hair goes SUPER curly in the summer here. Maybe that's me, but if you're thinking of getting a short haircut know your hair texture and how it reacts in different elements.


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                Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                What I wouldn't give to trade you hairs right now. After having long hair for awhile and having everyone tell me they love it, I chopped it all off to above my shoulders right before summer. I thought I would love it. I don't know what I was thinking. It was very rocker chic when my hairstylist did it. Ever since, I have not been able to get it to stay straight even when I flat iron it to death. And when it's short, it looks awful curly. I have pretty curly hair naturally, but when it's long and has enough weight, it stays straight as an arrow once it's ironed.

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                  Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                  I have a round-ish face, and I keep my hair right down to the top of my shoulders. I keep it pulled out of my face and back in a ponytail 99.9% of the time since it's so dang thick and wavy. I suggest you cut off a couple inches at a time since if you cut too much off at once, you may go into shock and decide you hate that style on yourself.
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                    Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                    i am a long haired person, but am thinking of cutting it short as well. one thing i looooove about my hair is that i too think it's beautiful, but mine is sooo dang thick the heat is making my neck drench in sweat. i may just say keep the hair the way it is for you. cause if your hair is like mine, and you regret the cut, it takes years to grow it back
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                      Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                      I think you should go for it.
                      I have short hair and love it. I have a fuller face and having shorter hair does a good job of framing my face.
                      I use to have it long...i don't know what I was thinking because it looked horrible on me. My hair is super fine and when it is long it just lays volume, no nothin'. But when it is short you can style it a bunch of different ways. I love it!


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                        Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                        I prefer keeping my hair long. It was down to the middle of my back, then a couple years ago I got 5-6 inches whacked off to be different. I got sick of it after just a few months a couldn't wait for my hair to grow back out. After about a year and a half of re-growing it, it's about 7-8 inches part my shoulders and almost to where it was before I got it hacked off.


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                          Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                          I go back and forth between long and short every few years. I figure that when I grow it out, all I do it pull it back, so why not just keep it short to begin with? And when I cut mine short, I cut it short-short, like over my ears short. It's about chin length now and it takes forever to grow out the layers. I guess it depends on how patient you are.
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                            Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                            A mans point of view if I may....Neverneverland - Your hair looks really nice in all those pictures. The top one is my favorite.

                            Now, Overall, I find men prefer long hair. I know its a hassle but if you're looking to attract men, the longer the better. I've NEVER understood women who cut their hair short (such as Jamie Lee Curtis) Its part of whats natural about the attraction between men and women. I'm just telling you how it is.
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                              Re: Long Hair or Short Hair?

                              If you want to really cut your hair short, Clairol's site has a try it on studio or something like that, I sometimes play around in there, and you post a pic of your face, and you can change your hair color and the style.

                              I tried to access it a few months back but they were redoing the site. Its up now.

                              On topic, I have my hair short....almost at my shoulders. I love my hair short and medium length. I try to grow it out........but then I get tired of it and since my hair is also thick it makes me get headaches and strain on my neck.

                              I made the mistake of getting a perm in March. and I hate it so much. SO....if you all have any suggestions on how I could remove it (besides the obvious straight perm)??? I would really appreciate it.


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