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Tinkerbell Fans


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  • Tinkerbell Fans

    I took this picture DTD in the World of Disney Store. I thought it was nice, although I wish I could have gotten the flowers around the outside to show up better. Here's the thing, I have no use for this picture but I like the color and the composition of the glass. At least if I post it here, someone "might" appreciate it for a moment or so, thats all I ask. Lord knows if I posted this on my facebook page and said, "I really like this picture" I would be razzed and called names by all my male friends to no end. So here it is for the Tink fans and the ladies.

    Hidden Mickey - Tower of Terror

    Hidden Mickey's here:
    Check out my Wal't Apartment tour here:

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    Re: Tinkerbell Fans

    pretty! If we were FB friends, I'd "like" it
    :ap: Next DL trip is in 2 WEEKS!!!!! :ap:


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      Re: Tinkerbell Fans

      Wow her eyes are creeeepy!!!
      Good morning, son
      In twenty years from now
      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
      And I can tell you 'bout today
      And how I picked you up and everything changed
      It was pain
      Sunny days and rain
      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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        Re: Tinkerbell Fans

        Where in the WOD store is this located at? I would love to see if for myself in person. Thanks.
        o A mouse a day, keeps the blues away. o


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