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Count down til "I do"


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  • Count down til "I do"

    I have 2 months and 17 days until I become Mrs. Kim Murphy.

    And it is crunch time.

    My wedding theme is Beauty and the Beast. My colors are red and gold and there is alot of italian infulences intertwined. My budget is about $6,000.

    So this being the Gibson Girls forum and my theme is Disney I thought I might share details of my wedding, and kind of de-stress through all the madness.

    So far:

    bought my dress

    picked a venue and cermony site

    have a menu picked out

    got a florist

    found a DJ

    Groomsman tuxes

    What I need:

    bridesmaid dresses

    Dance list



    hair style (for me and bridesmaids)

    Guest favors

    wedding cake

    I start school agian starting Monday and I also work two jobs, so to throw all this together in 2 more months will be crazy.

    Any advice or ideas are more than welcome!

    I want to incorprate hints of the Disney theme with out it being over bearing.

    Each day I will write down what I got accomplished and what I plan to do next, so I hope I can get through this until Novemeber 13th!!!!!

    So today will be a recap of whats going on so far:

    My dress: (ofcourse this can be a surprise still!)

    I wanted a Belle feel to it and with the Gold and the skirt really got me thinking of her dress

    My reception hall:

    The room is wall to wall with these very large windows and red velet drapes. There are three similar chandleliers. And its all wooden floors.

    My ideas for centerpieces:

    My menu:

    2 types of pasta
    (penne and angel hair)

    2 sauces
    (maranara and a monray- a very cheesey white sauce)

    Meatballs or italian sasgue

    Basic salad

    ranch or itialian dressing

    garlic bread

    Italian cream sodas, tea, water, coffe, soda

    Itialian wedding cookies

    Varitey of Olives, dried meats (pepperoni, salimi, capicola), breads

    about $18.00 a person

    Our first dance:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Beauty & The Beast OST - Death Of The Beast[/ame]

    I like this song becuase it just sounds so beautiful. My friends are on an award winning dance team and agreeed to cherograph the dance so it looks professional. Me and my fiance dance all the time at our house, so Im sure well pick up on it easily.

    Whats next in store:

    Tomorrow I am meeting with my cake lady to discuss my wedding cake. I want it elegant but yet agian another representation on my theme. Any ideas on what we can do?

    Also I am paying a deposit on the DJ today and need a list of songs to play at a wedding.... I have no idea except the 30 songs me and my future hubby would like to hear and our recpetion will be 4 hours long.

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    Re: Count down til "I do"

    The only suggestion that I've got is about bridesmaids dresses. I searched and searched for the perfect ones, but my bridesmaids and I found the perfect dresses at Burlington Coat Factory, of all places, and for only $10 each!

    So...I would definitely try there.


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      Re: Count down til "I do"

      I REMEMBER! one time i was watching like weddings at WDW or something, and a way they tried to incorporate more Disney stuff was (and this is all i remember cause i thought it was genius) is by adding some hidden mickeys here and there, mainly what i remember seeing was like 3 rhinestones put together to make a mickey! it was like so formal yet so Disney!

      and i hope everything goes well! loooove the dress!
      Originally posted by JungleCruiseFan
      You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
      Originally posted by penguinsoda


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        Re: Count down til "I do"

        If I were you, I would get on those invites! They are suppose to go 6 weeks before the date of the wedding. Have you ordered them yet? Or do you have them and just waiting to send them. Be sure to tell your guests to RSVP no later than 2 weeks before your wedding date. This way you give your caterer or the venue a rough idea of what to expect in terms of head count for the food.


        My wedding theme was Cinderella and I walked down to "So This is Love" and my girls walked down to "A Dream is a Wish". Our wedding dance was not Cinderella though, we chose "May It Be" from Enya (LOTR soundtrack).

        Good luck!
        I suffer from infantile thoughts of grandiosity



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          Re: Count down til "I do"

          Originally posted by Cinderelluh View Post
          If I were you, I would get on those invites! They are suppose to go 6 weeks before the date of the wedding. Have you ordered them yet?
          Im trying to get my inlaws to give adresses of everyone. I have them ordered I just need to get started on adressing. And Im hoping to have them done by the last week of September


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            Re: Count down til "I do"

            I wish I had advice to give. But I like your first idea for a centerpiece a lot. Your dress is very pretty and the reception hall is PERFECT! May I suggest as favors for guests, something small and edible like little bags of M&Ms in your wedding colors.

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              Re: Count down til "I do"

              Originally posted by IzzyInWonderland View Post
              May I suggest as favors for guests, something small and edible like little bags of M&Ms in your wedding colors.
              THATS A GREAT IDEA! maybe Ill do a candy a whole bunch of goodies, esp. m& those things


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                Re: Count down til "I do"

                Originally posted by winder*wonder View Post
                THATS A GREAT IDEA! maybe Ill do a candy a whole bunch of goodies, esp. m& those things
                I AM THE QUEEN OF DESSERT BARS! I'm opening a catering business that specializes in dessert/candy bars. I'd love to help you with idea's and how to arrange things. Let me know if you need any help/ideas!

                Btw.I love your dress
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                  Re: Count down til "I do"

                  If it helps. my brother and his fiancee are putting together their wedding in only 3 months total :eee: I have no clue how they are doing it!!

                  For the DJ, no worries, he should have a VAST selection of music to fill the space. Think also about bands/artist/genres you DON't want him to play.

                  Love the centerpiece ideas!

                  for your hair, I'd make an appt. with your stylist and have her help you. You can decided on bridemaids hair based on yours and how their hair is naturally.

                  I would get the bridesmaid dresses soon, if they need to be altered from the store that might take a few weeks. And it is a fun girls thing too If you want them to wear the same dress then make sure it is flattering for all body types I only have one moh and one bm, so I was ok w/ different dresses but i did ask that thy be floor length.

                  But you really have a lot done nad not too much left to do!
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                    Re: Count down til "I do"


                    So Saturday I went and met my cake lady. She is awesome, to say the least. we met at a starbucks and chatted about what I would like and what I am looking for.

                    We decided on a three tier, rounded cakes. More modern-ish than traditional but thats what I wanted. I will post picks of our drawings later tonight, I just have a crazy schedule at the moment!

                    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!


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                      Re: Count down til "I do"

                      Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It'll be here before you know it.

                      Do you have a Maid of Honor to help you out? If you do, I think you should get her to help you research/pick out/get on the other girls on their purchases of the bridesmaid dresses. Given you've got two months, you should probably find the dresses somewhere that's off the rack. Like David's Bridal or a department store. Ordering dresses will probably take too much time.

                      In regards to the invites, get 'em ooouuuttttt! Like others said, caterers will want a head count on how much food to provide (and how much money to charge you). You should get in touch with them to find out when they need the final head-count. Enlist your fiance in getting the stamps for the invites, and get them all assembled and ready to go. Make a list of all those who are getting invited, and as you get addresses, check 'em off the list and mail those suckers out.

                      Your centerpiece ideas are very nice! Have you talked to your florist about these ideas? Also, how many tables are you planning on having? Maybe you can make the centerpieces yourself by going to Michael's and building 'em with silk flowers and whatnot.

                      I agree - edible favors are the way to go. Little trinkets are great, but often get lost. For my wedding we did little silver boxes that said "Thank You" on top, and inside there was an assortment of pink Jelly Belly jelly beans (our colors were pink and silver, so that worked out nicely).

                      For little Disney accents, the rhinestone Mickeys are a good idea. Or, since you're doing gold and red colors, for some reason I'm getting a picture in my head of making Mickeys out of swirled gold ribbon, laying in the middle of each table, incorporated/under the centerpieces. Like, the ribbon circles aren't closed or connected, but kind of curling around to make the right shape for the head and each of the ears. Kind of along these lines: but more...romantic and loose? KWIM?

                      For hairstyles, take a gander at Wedding Dresses - Wedding Engagement - Wedding Ideas - Wedding Planning - By . That site was absolutely invaluable during my wedding planning. I seriously could not have planned my wedding without it. Cruise through their galleries and see if anything strikes your fancy. Are you doing your own hair? Or are you having it done? Same with your bridesmaids?

                      Oh, and are you guys getting gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Just something to think about.

                      Your wedding is going to be absolutely wonderful. I know it is hard, but try not to get too stressed out.

                      ^clicky clicky^


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                        Re: Count down til "I do"

                        Heres a quick drawing of my cake!
                        it will be large enough to feed 150 ppl

                        It will have edible gold and red glitter and gold edible perals. The roses will all be real with petals cascading down the cake.
                        it will be lovely.

                        Today I will be seeing how my first dance will look!
                        Im really excited and hope I can pull it off. They says there are a couple of lifts and twirls in it.

                        I have to get a video of it so I can practice at home so maybe I can upload it when I can.

                        Also my maid of honour just moved down to where I live!!!!! So she will finally be able to help me out with my upcoming bridal shower. (sep 26th)
                        we have to do it sooner rather than later becuase October, every weekend we have a birthday to celebrate, including mine!

                        These are the updates! Keep in touch everyone!

                        So next up:
                        The first dance
                        bridal shower
                        bridesmaid dress hunt (this saturday)


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                          Re: Count down til "I do"

                          The cake will be beautiful!! You have to give a time frame to your inlaws about the addresses. Let them know that if they don't provide them, then those people do not receive invites and you don't want that to happen!

                          I had the same problem with my own mother who did not give me certain addresses. There is only so much you can do. I'm sure everything will work out though.
                          I suffer from infantile thoughts of grandiosity



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                            Re: Count down til "I do"

                            Wow! This sounds like it will be amazing! I don't really have much advise, (Im just a dateless teen ahaha ) ) but I would watch David Tutera's My Fair Wedding. That show is amazing! You might get some more ideas and whatnot! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE your dress!


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                              Re: Count down til "I do"

                              Originally posted by Cinderelluh View Post
                              You have to give a time frame to your inlaws about the addresses. Let them know that if they don't provide them, then those people do not receive invites and you don't want that to happen!
                              I'm actully inviting them over to dinner tomorrow and asked if they could bring thier adress book so I can get all what I need.

                              Now, I just hope to Bob that my food turns out good! They're kinda picky eaters and I would like to impress!!

                              Just got done with my dance "practice"...It is beautiful!!!!!!
                              Dips, and twirls, and spins...its all very romantic and goes really well with the music and has touches from the movie. they even created a dance after me and my fiance! they called it "the kick" ( they merge my name "Kim" with my fiances "Nick" together... lol...well, it was funny to me)

                              My friends are amazing. it was bitter sweet though, one of my friends is leaving for her college semster tomorrow and I wont see her agian until 2 days before my wedding.

                              I will upload the clips tonight, the computer Im on doesnt have a SD card slot...
                              Last edited by winder*wonder; 09-02-2010, 02:18 PM.


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