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How do you undo the mom stress?

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    Originally posted by dsnylndmom
    You KNOT huh, that sounds like you already got into the valium
    no not daoctor gave me makes me feel like I've been drinking when I haven't...LOL...but the eay it was knit...LOL


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      Load launch or my iTunes library on here...turn it on and forgetaboutit while I scrapbook or read......I'm starting to branch out a little, I've made several no sew fleece throws lately and those were just fun to do so for me it's whatever craft I happen to be in the mood to play with at the moment and some of my favorite music and I'm good.
      "Sometimes Miracles Hide"


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        I don't have kids (just the furkids), but sometimes just having time to yourself to read or watch a movie is worth a million bucks. A glass of wine always helps, too.


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          I play on the computer- Sims or read. I also love to wander around Target.


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            A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to the movies DURING SCHOOL HOURS! I felt so guilty seeing a movie while my kids were at school, slaving away. But it wasn't like I was seeing a G rated flic, flick, flik (don't you hate it when your brain can't spell check!)...but I was aghast at myself for never doing that before...hmmm!

            Bookstore/coffee time is my favorite! Lounging in Barnes and Nobles is my favorite! Sans children!
            Us girls, we're so magical.
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              well, after a stressful wekend of arguing over the proper uses of her cell phone I am going to barnes and noble and look at books and have a frapachino...LOL