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  • Moms-question

    Any of you ladies have a sonogram and the obgyn told you that the baby's kidney was slightly dilated? I had that happen yesterday and I am very nervous and scared. I looked up info on it yesterday but all I found were that it was common among baby boys. It seems to be a common block of the urine in the kidneys, and it can range from mild, moderate and severe. Supposedly the note I was given states that the worst case scenerio would be down syndrome. I am overreacting, but while I know that my chance of having a down syndrome baby is extremely low (due to the genetic testing done in the 1st and 2nd semesters) I am scared. I just wanted to see if any of you had experienced anything like this. thanks for any replies.

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    Re: Moms-question

    I'm not a mother myself but I am the oldest of my mother's 5 children and am a lot older than the rest of the children (8 years between me and next child...22 years between myself and the youngest!). I'm pretty sure my mom was told one of my brother's had this issue. My brother is now 20 years old and very healthy and always tested very high in school. My other brother is 7 and had several issues at birth (he was a twin so about a month premature). When he was an infant hooked up too all the tubes and wires in the NICU we were told he could have developmental issues, a whole list of lifelong complications and always be small. He now reads above his grade level and is one of the tallest kids in the class. The only long term issues he has had is that his baby teeth have needed a lot of dental work (a complication of the medications) and he wears glasses (but then again so does most of my family).
    Basically what I'm saying here is...I know it's difficult not to worry but "slightly dilated" is a mild issue and even some of the more serious issues often don't leave the serious consequences they warn you about. They have to give you the worst case scenarios to prepare you (and cover their butts) but a few years from now chances are you'll be saying "the doctor had me worried with something they said but i can't even remember what the issue was now!"
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      Re: Moms-question

      I am not quite a mom (any day now!!) and my baby didn't have that issue. But the downs syndrome test is pretty accurate, so I would believe what it says. And if this kidney is common, then that is even less to worry about! When is your next appt? Are you gonna get another sono to see if anything's changed?Good luck... it sounds like it isn't much to worry about. If they were really concerned aobut it, they would have talked to you more in depth I think.
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        Re: Moms-question

        Sonograms can be deceiving...they can miss things as well as show possibilities that we wouldn't have thought of. NNL is right, if there was a lot of concern the Dr. would have discussed it in depth with you. Try not to stress about it, just continue to take care of yourself.


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          Re: Moms-question

          So...good news. We had a detailed sono on Monday. They measured everything and told us that the issue is not in the kidney but near it, there seems to be some blockage on that little area, which is retaining a little bit of fluid. 2 millimeters. It's a very mild condition, and basically they want to keep track of it, and have his pediatrician keep track of it too. We met with a genetics counselor who was really good, she showed us pictures of where exactly the problem is at and said that this condition is very, very common in boy fetuses...go figure. The clinic calls my baby the trouble is such a relief.

          So far he is measuring really well, right on track. They told us that the problem can dissapear by itself or they will have to see whether it is a problem with the valve that opens/closes for the urine. Worst case scenerio is surgery to fix the blockage. And thats it. I guess its better to get the whole worst case etc. out there.

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          Thanks for your comments, it really helped me a LOT!

          Now we wait to see when I go into labor. I have his little blue Mickey Mouse outfit ready.


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