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Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?


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  • Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

    So, lately my hair has been BLAH! so i googled mayo in hair, and i came across this recipe just for hair. now i did not use the egg yolks but i did the olive oil and some mayo..

    Rate & Review Super Duper Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair Recipe - - 129648

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    Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

    I have never tried the mayo, but my sisters ex best friend used to and she loved. HOWEVER, be warned it smells bad and takes multiple shampoos to get rid of the smell...

    I have done the olive oil, and for me it just felt too greasy even after a shampoo.

    The best homemade nature mask for the hair I think is straight up avacado (and a titch of olive oil).

    I got this from one of my fave Beauty Gurus on YouTube (I don't follow her recipe exactly but it still works well):

    Also: if your hair has been blah, it may be time for a trim. With me, my ends get so dry and split that after a while, not matter how I style it, I am not happy. Thus, cutting them off refreshens my hair.
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      Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

      oh man. a hair cut! that's your suggestion? i canceled my hair appointment last month because i felt i wanted to grow it out a little.. but now i have changed my mind and i wish i hadn't canceled that appointment!! because it's long now and it doesnt' spike right, adn it felt stringy today and like a hay bale on top of my head.. let alone my next appointment is not till the 27th! DARN! ok but i will try the avocado..


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        Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

        My best tip is to simply use a really good conditioner on your hair daily. I use Suave shampoo, but pair it with Fekkai Glossing conditioner, and I always get compliments on how healthy my hair is, how soft, etc.

        Sure it can be a bit pricey but when it comes to my hair, it's worth it to be spoiled a little bit.


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          Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

          When my hair decides it's going to be awful I mix a tad of rosemary essential oil in a light olive oil and just drench my hair in it. It's really excellent I've found, and much less gross than the idea of mayo to me! I sometimes DO add an egg or two just for an extra umph, but either way once you apply the mixture to your hair wrap it up in a towel and just sit and let it soak in for 20-40 minutes. Shampoo out (you'll likely have to do it twice) and condition as usual. Works like a charm, I do it every 4-6 months. It makes my hair much more flexible and shiny!

          Hope it helps!


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            Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

            I have done the egg and mayo thing twice. my hair has been great, i also just got a hair cut an a new color so i don't need to do a potato salad in my hair just yet. but the mayo thing does work ladies!


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              Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

              So I've done everything under the moon! I did a Mayo & Avocado one. And It is known to do amazing things on the hair, and it was great but I won't do it again because I spent the time attempting to not throw up. I don't like Mayo as it is, and having it tripping down my neck and face, and the SMELL oh the smell was disgusting!! BUT if you can handle the mayo, it does wonders for the hair. Avocado does too, and I do still use the Avocado simple because it's thicker and stays in place and doesn't smell as bad Haha.

              Here is a Recipe I found on a Hair Forum I really like, that is drama-free, just in case you all may be interested:

              Deep Moisture Treatment
              4 parts conditioner
              1 part honey
              1 part clear aloe gel

              Heat in the microwave for a few seconds til it's warm, then apply to wet or dry hair (especially the ends). Cover hair with a shower cap/shopping bag/clingy food wrap/whatever, and let it sit for as long as you can stand it (30 minutes to overnight). Rinse out, do not shampoo.

              A few notes:
              • Conditioners work best when they have minimal protein. Many people also avoid conditioners with silicone compounds for this. (I haven't experimented with protein ones, so that's word-of-mouth. I think protein-containing conditioners are likely to give lumpy, blobby results.)
              • No, the honey shouldn't leave your hair sticky. Try it with the honey first.
              • Aloe gels should be free of alcohols and numbing agents. Usually, the clear ones (as opposed to the green and blue ones) are best in this regard.

              Afterward, you can dry and style as usual.

              Just for some extra help:

              Conditioners and other ingredients reported to work wellTrouble shooting:

              If it went wrong it could be...

              * It was overheated; try not heating the mix or just warming it.
              * Wrong conditioner (see the above lists); cones seem to cause adverse effects, curdling and hard rinsing.
              * Wrong aloe gel (see the above list)
              * Wrong ratios; usually too much aloe gel will result in possible coating/harder rinsing.
              * Not covering with a plastic bag or shower cap--if this mix dries on your hair, it can be hard to rinse out. If that does happen, soaking your hair in a tub of plain warm water for about 20 minutes and then doing a CO wash may loosen it and help remove it.


              * Some report using SMT as a CO wash with great results.
              * If honey leaves you frizzy, try just using aloe gel mixed with conditioner. (Usually though, the Honey is AMAZING!)
              * You may have to try different conditioners until you find the one that gives you the results you are looking for.
              * You don't have to use a microwave to heat the mix, you can set a cup of it into a bowl of warm water. That may be a good option and an even more gentle way of warming it up.

              I hope this works for you, like it's worked for me!!
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                Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

                wow great post captain tinkerbell!!


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                  Re: Any of you girls done the mayo in the hair for a deep conditioning?

                  i have had luck with the mayo in the hair thing.. it works ladies! just wash out after half an hour!! use conditioner and you won't smell like a potato salad!


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