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  • you still keep in touch with any?

    Hey gals. I just thought this might be an interesting topic to discuss because of something weird that happened to me the other night.

    Um...sorry ...changed my mind...maybe this is too personal of a story to share....I'm still feeling flabbergasted!!
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    Re: you still keep in touch with any?

    Wow, she sounds like a, um, er, keeper?

    No interesting ex stories here. DH and I both married for the first (and only) time at the age of 35 so you'd think I would have something interesting but NO, just the boring, standard breakups with no further contact.

    DH had an ex that was a wack job. He was getting ready to break up with her when he found out that she kept a gun in her top drawer. After he broke up with her she began writing him threatening letters. He discussed it with the police and they picked her up. Apparently she had a criminal record with outstanding warrants and the gun was unregistered. She is still in jail.

    It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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      Re: you still keep in touch with any?

      Aww, I wanna hear the story
      Good morning, son
      In twenty years from now
      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
      And I can tell you 'bout today
      And how I picked you up and everything changed
      It was pain
      Sunny days and rain
      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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        Re: you still keep in touch with any?

        Nope, I think once you are married you need to move on. its nice to run across them and say hi but to me, its a no no situation to keep contact.
        and OMG earkid, thats wack!
        when i married my ex his ex was furious!! she wrote me letters about him and they were bad.She told me he murdered some on in Billings montana, that he tried to kill her with an ax( I believe that one! ) when I divorced him she wrote me and said" please forward me his address I am still madly in love with him!!! I did,I think they deservedeach other !!!


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          Re: you still keep in touch with any?

          I still talk to a few of my ex's. Not many though.

          I still talk to my ex wife, but we were like best friends all through High School and College. We were married for a total of 6 hours before we had it anulled.
          Growing older is manditory
          Growing up is however, optional


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            Re: you still keep in touch with any?

            Yes. I still keep in touch with 4 or so of my ex's (and by ex I mean guys I had serious relationships with where we were monogamous etc etc and it lasted more than 6 months). One has a partner of 5 years that just doesnt like me. Oh well, nothing I can do there, I'm civil to him and all that but him not liking me isnt going to keep my ex from still wanting to see me to do dinner on occasion and "catch up" with each other.


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              Re: you still keep in touch with any?

              Nope - not really. There is one but we were more best friends than boyfriend/girlfriend. We still email every once in awhile.

              PB - your not going to share with us really????
              Us girls, we're so magical.
              Soft skin, red lips, so kissable.
              Hard to resist, so touchable.
              Too good to deny it.
              Ain't no big deal, it's innocent. :evil:


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                Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                I still talk with most of my ex's. Hell, I still have sex with one of them on occasion.

                With my ex's, there was and still is a connection there. We'll probably always be friends in some way. I love and treasure these relationshhips. They are some of the most mature relationships in my life.


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                  Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                  How many of you stay close to your exes because they're buried in your back yard? :evil:
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                    Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                    nope, they are all gone as far as I'm concerned...I do occasionaly run into them once in a while (we all live in he same basic area still, but it's always uncomfortable, you feel like you should have something to say, but really you don't have anything to say, the friendships died ages ago...However all my ex's were from Highschool (I met my hubby Senior year, and we got married a couple years later) and I have outgrown all my highschool friendships....

                    Cest la vie


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                      Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                      All my ex's live in Texas,
                      And Texas is a place I'd dearly love to be.
                      But all my ex's live in Texas
                      And that's why I hang my hat in "Montana"


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                        Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                        I just mailed a holiday card to one of my exes. My friend still runs into him once in a while. I was invited to his wedding, though I didn't go. I wanted to go but the finances and the logistics got the better of me. I wonder if his wife would feel better if she knew just how much I don't want him back.... ? He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but just not for me.
                        I pledge allegiance to the Earth, one planet, many gods, and to the universe in which she spins.


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                          Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                          I was the queen of the serial monogamous fifteen month romance until I met my husband at 21.

                          I have three exes and three of them while I was dating Kelly, and one after I was engaged to him! I do keep in touch with them somewhat.

                          The high school/college on again/off again boyfriend is tough, I really hurt him, over and over again....we wouldn't keep in touch, but I adore his wife and his best friend and my best friend are married, so it's just easier when we know what to expect from one another. We walked down the aisle together at a wedding, we've gone camping together, have gone to multiple parties together,'s awkward, but we're okay. The older we get, the more okay it is.

                          The college ex...we stayed in touch for a long time, then he went through a cruddy divorce and we lost contact. I don't miss a single thing about him. He was a total jerk the entire time we were going out. He cheated for months, while accusing me of cheating. I loved being his friend though! We were great always baffled me how crappy he could treat me while we were dating though....he called me names, yelled at me in public....horrible. But when we were just friends....nicest guy you'd ever meet!

                          The other one....his wife freaking HATES me and she hated me the entire time I dated him, she was so in love with him back then. She was a year younger than me in high school and it drove her nuts when we started dating right before I graduated from high school. He was the county "catch" for all the girls who never planned to go away to college. He was already done with college, we met, I fell in love with his family and they helped me through my parents divorce. I bet I could knock on their door and join them for Christmas dinner this weekend and they'd welcome me with open arms. I always felt like I would marry into the family at some point...just not to my boyfriend. But back to his wife... they were dating when he followed me across the state one weekend in college, then a year later he proposed to me while they were engaged. She should hate him, not me, I didn't do anything to encourage him, ever. I even went on one date with his brother....who could seriously be my soulmate, but we could never date seriously. We still kinda keep in touch, but it's hard. He's way more tempting to me than his brother and I know it bothers my husband that we're even friends. Doesn't help that I adore their family so incredibly much. Oy. Now my heart hurts!!

                          The other ex...died when I was 16. We dated for the fifteen months as well...and he killed himself when he couldn't stop drinking or bow to the religion pressures his family put on him (dad was a pastor). He was only 18. I do keep in touch with his family. His younger sister and I always stayed close...after I had Courtney, I sent her the promise ring he gave me in high school and she wears it around her neck. His mom is like a second mother to me, we talk on the phone every few months. I adore their family. Had I a son, he would have been named for Mark.


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                            Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                            Originally posted by stinkerbell
                            I was the queen of the serial monogamous fifteen month romance until I met my husband at 21.
                            OMG- crazy. Me too!

                            I have two serious exes, and one slightly serious one. I know where two are and pretty much all that is happening in their lives, but only from other people I still keep in touch with. I have amiable relationships with all of them and if I ran into them, it would be friendly and no biggie. I tried to stay friends with one, but for awhile he still had very strong feelings for me and I was with my now husband. Later, I tried again since we shared so many of the same friends. But my husband didn't like it and I decided anyway that it is better to just let sleeping dogs lie and leave it all in the past. So I haven't heard from any of them in several years.
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                              Re: you still keep in touch with any?

                              There is 1 I keep bumping into whenever I least expect it. Even after we broke up I ended up working with a girl who went out with him after me. It was amazing, he kept going out with girls who resembled me. He even walked one girl into my work to have me tell her about him. Boy did I let her have it, then later the other girl I worked with filled her in some more.

                              When The Boy burned his hand I was at Longs, looking for special bandages, there he was again. I knew a girl who also worked there. I ran into her at the grocery store a few weeks later. I told her I wanted to warn her about an ex who was working at Longs. She was the type he would go for and that he didn't know the truth if it bit him on the butt. She replied that I was talking about her bf. I laughed all the way to the car.

                              He even showed up at Chuy's one night. He pouted, sniffled and fled once he realized I was deliberatly ignoring him.


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