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  • Stationary

    In this day and age of computers I suppose I can understand but do you realize how hard it is to find stationary? I write a letter to my daughter in TN every week and I wanted to find some pretty stationary or something that she would enjoy looking at. The stationary that I do find is usually one box and completely ugly.

    HELP! Anyone know where I could go for this?

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    Re: Stationary

    If you have Outlook Express click on the link below. I do not know if the site charges for the stationary though, but I did not see anything on their main page saying that they do so go check it out


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      Re: Stationary

      Have you checked CURRENT? They usually have some neat stuff like that. I also find really cute stationary in CVS (go figure)


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        Re: Stationary

        Try a girl's clothing store at the mall, or Claires/Icing if you have those in FL. They have TONS of cute stationery sets!

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          Re: Stationary

          I've had a hard time finding nice stationary also. Hallmark carries a lot of note card but I like more room than that. I usually end up making my own sets. Try a crafts store like Michael's in the scrap booking section, they have some traditional stationary sized sheets (8.5x5.5) or buy the larger and cut them to size. I like mine full sheet size (8.5x11) and buy it at Kinko's, they usually have a good selection of designs. I buy the envelopes from Walmart, the one here carries an assorted box of pastels and one of brights.
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            Re: Stationary

            :ap: I agree places like Office Max or Staples are good places to find stationary and most likely they will carry matching envelopes (though the sheets are normally 8.5 X 11 in size. Other places that you may want to try (I'm not sure if they have them where you live) are Ross's, TJ Max's, Marshall's and Tuesday Mornings.They often have a wide variety of stationary products that are not just tablets with matching envelopes. :ap:
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