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Disco party planning help needed!


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  • Disco party planning help needed!

    Hey all!

    Ok, so here's the deal. My mom is turning 50 in January and we are throwing her a big Disco party as she was a teen during those days and always looks back on them fondly.

    The problem? I was born in 1987. What I know about the 70's and disco-techs comes from Saturday Night Fever and Scarface, and I don't think we will be involving drugs, so a lot of help that is!

    I need so help. I've got somethings figured out, for instance we do not have a light up floor, instead we are going to make bouquets of LED balloons. Obviously I'll find a DJ with a good lighting system and advise him to stick to the 70's and before only for the music. I'd like to make a compilation tape of scenes from a BUNCH of different movies from the 70's and shoot it u on a wall w/o sound, just the the clips. Were going to be putting up foil curtains, on a budget, in a few parts of the room and I'd lie to try and make a lounge area off to one side of the dance floor.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have made a crudely drawn floor plan of the room we are using. The building was built in the 70's and besides the horrible carpet and walls it is perfect.

    So, My biggest problem is the food and decor that I should also use. help?
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    Re: Disco party planning help needed!

    Well, I was only 0-5 in the 70's but from the movies and shows they seemed to eat a lot of fondue. I've watched a lot of the 70's show and they seemed to have fondue at most of their parties. Sorry not to much help but sounds like a great time regardless.


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      Re: Disco party planning help needed!

      The cool thing about fondue is that it's very flexible! Staples are cheese and chocolate (and maybe another chocolate pot with some amaretto thrown in, hmm?) and any NUMBER of things to dip: fruits, crackers/toast, marshmallows, etc.

      As for decor, I think the colors were still pretty psychedelic.
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        Re: Disco party planning help needed!

        I graduated in 73 and yes, fondu was a big thing. So was psychedelic colors. AND long hair on the guys. Really long hair. (I still love long hair on the I love RenFaires) It was a fun time. Hope you give us an update on how it goes.
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          Re: Disco party planning help needed!

          Here's a list of some 70's artists to recommend to the DJ:

          Chic (they were the KINGS of disco)
          Earth, Wind & Fire
          Donna Summer
          The Bee Gees
          Kool & the Gang
          KC & the Sunshine Band
          Village People
          Pointer Sisters
          Gloria Gaynor
          Rick James
          Rufus & Chaka Kahn
          Gap Band
          Ohio Players
          Sister Sledge
          Rose Royce
          Ashford & Simpson

          I was born in 1974, so I kind of grew up on this stuff.


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