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What do you use for skin care, hair care and makeup?


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  • What do you use for skin care, hair care and makeup?

    Alright ladies, it's the annual spring cleaning of all of my beauty products in the bathroom. Since I have to replace a lot of stuff, I thought I'd ask what you use and if you like what you're using. I will be going to Sephora and getting a "makeover" done in about a month, so I thought that when I do go in there, I'd be armed with some questions about specific products.

    A lot of the stuff I have right now I've been using since I was a teenager :o , but I'm finding my skin and hair is changing (getting dryer) so I'm needing to switch up some of my products.

    Right now here is what I use:

    - Clean and Clear Oil-Free Daily Cleanser - I love the clean feeling I get, but it's really drying out my skin... I need to find something else, quickly!

    - My moisturizer is St. Ives body lotion :o - I know... it's super bad, I have to switch to a real moisturizer.

    - Foundation: Revlon Colorstay - I love this stuff because it stays on my face, I have a super uneven skin tone and this helps even it out. However, it is super thick and if you don't use it properly, it looks like a mask. Any suggestions on good coverage foundation is appreciated!

    - Concealer: Maybelline Coverstick - I like this stuff as well, but it doesn't stay put on my face sometimes.

    - Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara - I don't know if I'll ever switch from this brand... unless I find something that gives me incredibly soft and great looking lashes.

    - Eyeliner: Loreal Lineur Intense - This is where I'm really looking to switch it up. For years I've used liquid liner, but I'm getting tired of it.

    - Eyeshadow: MAC - I really like the velvety feel of MAC, but I find it does not stay on my eyelid... it ends up underneath my eye sometimes.

    - Eyebrow Pencil - Maybelline Expert Eyes - I love how this stuff never comes off unless I rub it off (I have NO eyebrows) but I'd like something that looks a bit more natural, does anyone use powder?

    - Blush - Benetint by Benefit - I LOVE the color this gives. I have a hard time as hell finding blush and this really suits my coloring.

    - Bronzer - Hoola by Benefit - I'm still deciding on whether or not I like this stuff. It's super hard to blend in, but the color it gives is great.

    - Lipstick - None... - I sometimes use Chapstick, but that's about it. I don't like the feeling lipstick gives, but I really need to start wearing it for the color. I also have a really hard time matching my skintone.

    - Shampoo - Thermasilk - Just started using this stuff and I really like it so far. My hair is super dry and it's helping a bit with that.

    - Conditioner - Kirkland Hawaiian Ginger :o - I have super fine hair, so I can't use really heavy conditioners, even though my hair needs it... this one is doing an okay job.

    - Styling Aid - Biosilk Silk Therapy - I SWEAR by this stuff. If I didn't use it, my hair would look like crap all the time. It makes your hair so soft and shiny it's amazing!

    So there's all of my beauty products in a nutshell. As you can see, a lot of it is drugstore stuff and now that my husband is out of school, I can afford to start shopping at the more expensive places (watch out Sephora!). Thanks in advance ladies for all of your suggestions! :bow:

  • #2's what I can remember off the top of my head...

    Cleanser: Origins Get Down.
    Toner: Origins A Perfect World Tonic
    Moisturiser: Lancome oil free one (I forget the name) or Urban Decay Detox Cocktail
    Mask: Origins You're Getting Warmer or Queen Helene Mint Julip mask (you can get this from the drugstore and it's amazing - the perfect green mask!)
    Scrub: The new Origins micro dermabrasion thingee - it's really good
    Eyes: Origins A Perfect World for Eyes

    Shampoo/conditioner: A whole mix of different brands, depending on my mood. I currently have stuff from Kerastase, KMS, Origins, Bath and Body Works, the Body Shop and Lush (probably some more, but I can't remember). I use John Frieda's styling stuff for brunettes, and I just got a really nice L'Oreal anti-frizz spray.

    Makeup: all sorts of stuff. Some of my faves and staples: Clinique Gentle Waterproof mascara, Stila Brow Polish, Revlon Illuminating concealer wand (this stuff is amazing!), Kiehl's lip balm #1, Stila Lip Glazes (I love them and have quite a few), Origins Bronzing stick, Delux gloss, MAC lipstick, and this cool shimmery stuff from MAC that I put on my brow bone and on my eyelids when I'm going out.


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      Okay I cannot talk up the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and/or gel (depending on whether you want oil free or not). This is the most fantastic lotion. I'm very hot and cold with Clinique's stuff, but I always keep my Dramatically Different well-stocked. It's fan-freakin'-tastic.

      If you want a nice mascara for a night out, I love bourjois two act mascera. Maybelline just put out their version and I've tried it, but it's still not as good as Bourjois. Two-act is the half white (for lengthening) and half normal mascera color for making your lashes lucious. I must note that this is not really practical for everyday use. Every day, I just use (blasphemy, I know) the stuff you can easily find at Target.

      I love the St. Ives apricot scrub exfoliant. It's just really nice and yet inexpensive.

      For eyeshadow, I'm lazy. I like the sets that come all matched up with three colors ready to go. Bourjois, again has some very nice sets like this, but all of their colors are kinda out there. L'Argent is perfect if you want the smoky eye effect.

      As for eyeliner, I don't know your feelings on liquids (I was scared at first, but I learned to love it), but the Virtual Eyes line by Physician's Formula always makes me feel comfortable. I have the whole set...there's three different shades. Each has a mild color change to it depending on how the light hits it. For example the "black" can also be a deep navy or violet in certain lights. The "brown" can be either a lighter tan or khaki. They kick.

      As for lips, I really only ever use gloss regularly. Either Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci lip gloss (Cinnamon Frosting is my personal fave) or Victoria's Secret lip gloss (Isabelle).

      Those are the only ones that I love so much that I can recomend confidently. I'm in the market for blush. I suck at blush.

      And on a side note, my bf just asked me to help him with skincare! So excited!
      The King is back and he's ready to kick some tail. Do not mess with a mouse in black.


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        Thanks for your suggestions... I definitely will be trying some of your suggestions out when I head to Sephora.

        For the rest of you.... come on ladies... a girl needs your help here!


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          Okay......ready? :devil: I have terrible skin with a combo of problems, so there's a list!


          Cleansers: Trader Joe's toner, TJ's witch hazel/tea tree oil cleansing pads (I SWEAR by these!), MD Formulations cleanser, philosophy greatest love scrub, and most recently the philosophy micro dermabrasion two part kit (thanks to dsnylndmom!) and under my make up, I swear by Lancome's Sensation Totale.

          Moisturizers, etc: For the eyes, I use La Roche-Posay Active C, and for everywhere else, I use the philosophy great mystery facial.


          Foundation: I'm sold on Bare Minerals! I love it. I used to use Smashbox or Lancome, but now that I use the minerals, I can't even stand the smell of liquid foundations. They smell!

          Blush: Cargo

          Lip Gloss: Rocket City, Cargo, Cargo, Cargo, Cargo, Urban Decay, some Sephora brand, some Lancome Juicy Tubes, but mostly Cargo.

          Eyes: Sephora brand (everyday stuff), Urban Decay (sparkles!), Rocket City (basic warm pallette), MAC (but not much--I don't actually like it! It's a mess within the hour!) and one of my favorite eye compacts is a Too Faced (smoky eye). Mascara is currently a Sephora brand, but I usually use a drug store mascara, on the recommendation of make up artists on TV!

          There's nowhere in Oregon to buy Cargo the next time I get a chance, I'm going to try the eye shadows. I :love: Cargo.


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            Oil of Olay for my face under makeup...anything thicker..and I break out!

            My makeup is all drug store bought! (Ducking while Claire throws things at me!)
            I'm beginning to be swayed by the Id Bare Essentials bandwagon though....I just hate wearing makeup...not the way it looks...just the way it feels! Hate having that goopy mask feeling!

            Ususally I just wear mosturizer, concealer, powder and mascara on days I don't have to go anywhere.

            My most favorite lotion for the body is Baby Magic, Original Smell. It's the best lotion I've found that's not expensicve and really takes care of my skin. No scratchy winter skin! And I'm addicted to the smell...I've been using it since high school...and I still go back to it no matter what....

            Bath and new smells, layering smells,etc...
            Us girls, we're so magical.
            Soft skin, red lips, so kissable.
            Hard to resist, so touchable.
            Too good to deny it.
            Ain't no big deal, it's innocent. :evil:


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