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Whats in your Hair???


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    Healthy sexy hair products,and redkens curl boost line.


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      Redken's Outshine has been a godsend to me. I have to put SOMETHING in my hair or it looks.... pretty bad.


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        i just use a flat iron



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          I have to admit I love my hair, You can do anything with it. I have naturally thick wavy/ curly hair. My hair CAN'T get greasy, even if I try.
          When I staighten my hair I use my flat Iron, Frizz serum, and hairspray.
          When going naturally curly I use a curl enhancer spray, and I little moose, and blow dry with a defuser.
          When I use iron curls I blow dry and break out the curling iron (depends on what size and kind of curls I want) lightly spray to hold the curl and finish with a light mist serum if there are any flyaways.


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            I have rats in my hair...5 big ones!!!


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              Shampoo: Paul Mitchell One
              Conditioner: Also Paul mitchell - I forget what it's called offhand
              Styling Product: Paul Mitchell mousse or Rave 4 or in cases like today - a barette & no product - just got the hair outta my face with a barette and the rest is down the back

              I've got naturally thick, coarse hair that's straighter than an arrow - but lately I keep it permed so it's got more definition to the body it has. Overall, I'm VERY happy with my hair right now, but do need a cut - I just noticed it's almost halfway down my back and I like to keep it shoulder length-ish.

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                I"m usually a wash-n-go kinda girl too. Pull it back in a ponytail and I'm ready to head out. But if I must, I use...*and I know this sounds gross, but it works and I"m extremely cheap*soap suds. That's right. Soap suds. From actual, regular ol' Dial or whatever we have in the house. I use the soapsuds like a gel and then blow dry my hair however I want it. Usually upside down to give my heavy head o' hair some boost.


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                  My hair is monstrously thick and coarse, but I found a magical stylist today who thinned it out with thinning shears. My hair is now in chunky layers and half-way down my back with highlights. I'm LOVING it. I went in prepared for her to tell me she needed to chop it off because it's so coarse, but instead she kept the length and made it look great! I'm NEVER happy after haircuts!!! :bow: I love this chick!

                  I'm using Kerastase something or other in my hair as a smoother/de-frizzer and I wash and condition with Biolage something or other.


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                    Well, I am sure you all saw "Something about Mary", right... good.

                    But that isn't what's in my hair, but the Got2Be glue I use does a great job of keeping my hair in place, of course that is after I use the flat iron.
          's been a long time.


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                      Yesterday was my pilgramage to the hairdresser. My hair was looking a little worn out, so she suggested that I switch to something different. I ended up with the Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey shampoo and conditioner. It smells just as good as Philosophy products. Yummy! I can't wait to use it tomorrow.
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                        right now nothing except highlights and a barrette and some hairspray. I didn't feel like styling my hair. I'm only going to Wal-Mart. Then to work, then to see my brother
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                          Biolage shampoo and conditioner... and i use Bee's Wax to style it... heh
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                            Lets see, right now there is 3 different shades of hair dye, I shampooed with Sheer blond shampoo and conditioner, then blowdried my hair and put a little bit of Curl Up on the bottom to make it stay kinda curly, and used a bit of Dove anti frizz stuff to keep my hair not frizzy.
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