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Ladies - Let's talk SHOES!


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  • Ladies - Let's talk SHOES!

    Alright, I will admit, I am a total shoe fiend. I LOVE shoes... so imagine my quandary when I realize that I have no really good sandals for the spring/summer! I went to Macy's this afternoon and took a look - found nothing I like. I even went to (I need something comfortable) and didn't find anything I like. Ladies, where do you find your really cute and comfortable shoes?

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    I share the shoe fetish! My mom has these great pairs of Manolos that i haven't decided how to get my hands on yet....she's put it on strict security...but I love kate spade sandals from Nordstrom, so trendy, chic and much less than manolos!
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      I am a fiend for flip flops. As soon as it gets warm enough I will wear them daily, in fact I was talking to Disguy the other day and noticed I had my "first of the year" flip flop tan line :o
      If I'm not wearing flip flops I usually have on wedges or tennys, I love Vans, I have black and white checkered ones with cherries all over them that I adore, and low top chuck taylors.

      Since I'm not working my shoes run more along the comfy and "can chase after the kids" rather that damn those manolos are hot. Doesn't mean I don't drool over Manolo's and Jimmy Choo's (sigh) though!!

      I spend more girly energy(and um money )on make up rather than shoes. Once I get back into the workforce though, oh it's on

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        Cute and comfortable? I head to Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. My two favorite pairs this winter have been my Born mary janes and some cute Diesels. I loooove them. I also have a cute pair of kitten heels I got this month at Nordstrom that I wear with jeans when I go out. I have a pair of Donald Pliners that I love and another pair of Josef Seibel mary janes that I live in......all from Nordies!

        Nordstrom+me=lotsashoes :devil:


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          I'm all about the ballet flats at the moment - I love them! Comfy and cute

          Since we're heading into winter down here I'm also obessessed with boots at the moment - I have about 3 pairs on my wishlist right now...


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            Robinson's May if you got it but my other op is Nordstrom's Rack & Steve Madden.


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              Nordstroms! HOW could I forget Nordstroms/Nordstrom Rack? Thanks for reminding me ladies!


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                Originally posted by UvaGirl
                I'm all about the ballet flats at the moment - I love them! Comfy and cute
                Same here!


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                  Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                  I love Vans
                  I agree. I must admit I caved and read this thread because there were only a few responses. I am not the girly girl when it comes to fashion. I have my one pair of sneakers that I wear until there are holes in them. For that I have my vans. <3

                  I also wear no shoes whenever possible or just flip flops. However you talk about warm weather.... here we like to where them whenever we feel like it: warm, hot, rain, cold, snow, etc!


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                    I love my thongs... I have a pair in nearly every color and lots of patterns! They go perfect with jeans shorts or capris... they're so easy to store in you closet and they're CHEAP!

                    Target is a great place to buy shoes. Then again, Target's a great place to buy anything!


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                      I'm with you on that Piglet. I think I have about 3 pairs of shoes. One for work, sneakers and a pair of flip flops. And I also wear them till the soles fall off. Not much of a girly I suppose
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