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The Edge of the Earth


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  • The Edge of the Earth

    Has anyone seen it? In case anyone was wondering, I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth. I haven't had any time to drop in, even to just say hi or do some reading. So I am totally, *totally*, not up to speed with anything ranging from you guys or the parks or the company. I'm kind of ashamed.

    I do think about you guys a lot and hope you're all doing well. So, HI :wave: to everyone! I miss you guys! Hopefully I'll be able to stop by on a more frequent basis soon, but I just have so much going on (nothing negative thankfully).

    And, in case anyone was wondering, after my little work rant a few weeks ago, "Ben" has been fired. He finally crossed the line with a no call no show. He hasn't even been by yet to pick up his things. We've talked to him so HE didn't fall off the edge of the Earth either! But, yay for us! Also, I had a rough experience with a customer last week (borderline assault) and my handling of the situation has alerted the powers that be that I would be good for management. So, while nothing official has happened and I haven't been offered anything, I'm on the road to bigger and better things!

    Hope everyone is doing well! And how about the last few weeks of Survivor, huh? Maybe I'll stop by that thread before I bolt to bed....

    Stay well, all!
    "But every night, when it gets dark
    and the stars come out,
    I'll look up on her behalf.
    I'll look up in the sky and think of you."

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    Re: The Edge of the Earth

    glad to hear you got rid of that horrible bather! i hope you get a good one soon! and omg assault? spill it...inquiring groomer minds want to know!!! I so hope you get that manager position.. are you hoping for grooming manager or store manager? im keeping my fingers crossed and let us know how it goes...(((HUGS))))))


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      Re: The Edge of the Earth

      Hi Trace, Glad to see things are going well with you even if they are keeping you busy. Yeah for firing the bad guy at work and hopefully you'll get that promotion. What did the bad customer do??? We are curious.
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        Re: The Edge of the Earth



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