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  • Birth Stories!

    The title alone will probably scare men away!
    So moms, who would like to share a story about when you gave birth to your children? (No, not a story of when YOU were born, you smarty-pants people you! )

    Anything unusual happen? Funny moments? Scary moments? Even if it was hum-drum, we all know how special it was for us and lord knows we LOVE to talk about it, yes? (No?)
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    I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
    That explains the trouble that I'm always in...

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    How about a funny conception story?


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      Aren't ALL of your conception stories funny?
      I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
      That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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        how can you have more than one conception story? :confused: :confused: :confused: I mean not me conceving with someone, I mean the one that produced me! :devil:


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          <stares blankly> But I know nothing of my birth to be quite honest. I know the details of what time I was born, etc. but that's about it. I do know the conception of me was a mistake too. But let's not call that one funny. I'm alive and I love my birthmother for placing me for adoption. Best choice she ever made if you ask me!


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            Ok Ah Shucks, I'll bite (I'm sure I will regret asking )

            What is your funny conception story?


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              Five minutes after my son was born, my husband has me, on tape, saying "Well that was a piece of cake!" with a smile on my face!!

              I HIGHLY recommend epidurals people!!!!!

              Of course, I come from good genes. The longest labor in my family out of all my aunts, my mom, and grandma's was mine and it clocked in at a whopping 7 hours.
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                I didn't cry when I was born, which is bad because crying helps clear out the lungs. The doctor had to spank me to force me to cry..........which I enjoyed.
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                  Both of my kids were C-Sections.

                  Brian turned breach a month before my due date. This was after he had already dropped down into my pelvis. The doctor's tried to turn him, causing me significant, albeit temporary pain. External Versions should be deemed torture I tell you! That night, we chose the date Brian was going to be born.

                  The anestisiologist had a hard time getting the needle to go in for my spinal. It is sooo hard to sit still while sitting naked on a stee table in a freezing cold room with one's feet propped on a stool. The anesthesia did not fully take, so I had to be given a local to become comfortably numb.

                  They tried to get Brian out, but every time they would get his little but square, he would wiggle away. It took four people to push him out. He was not ready to stop cuddling, which is an innate part of his sweet nature to this day. Once he was finally out, the doctor popped him over the screen. He was so cute with a little Gorbachev mark on his head.

                  Nathan got to walk him over to the nursery from the operating room. When they passed by Nathan's family, Brian popped one eye open to take a look at everyone. About an hour later, I was wheeled out of recovery and on my way to my room they took me to visit Brian. He was beautiful.

                  Alison was the one that sent me into false labor constantly. NEver had any labor with Brian, but Ali was a bit different. We did a couple of false alarm trips to the hospital, but my labor was never consistent enough. I really wanted to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). I swear that when I was given my RhoGamm shot a couple weeks before she was born that it triggered labor.

                  We had arranged for my mom to stay with us for a week starting on Halloween. I really didn't want to miss the opportunity for her to be there to help after Ali was born. So I had the doctor set up an induction for me. I could have gone for the C-Section on Halloween, but I was being stubborn about tryting the VBAC. With a large toddler at home, the last thing I wanted was a C-Section.

                  I tried three of the cervix ripening inserts, one of which was inserted DRY, and they did nothing to advance my labor. They gave me an eight hour dose of pitocin. I finally had the opportunity to feel what labor was like. It was more of a relief than painful.

                  Once the pitocin stint was over, I was given the choice of going home or doing a C-Section. After having been in the hospital for two straight days with hardly anything to eat, and a few tears, I opted for the C-Section.

                  The anestisiolgist this time around was much better. he had me in a much more comfortable position for my spinal. He used the right size needle and the right dose of medication. I was soooo tired that I kept falling asleep during the process. I cannot tell you the elation I felt when they told me it was a girl. That was quickly interrupted when they confiremed her birth weight: 10 pounds 8 ounces! She was the second largest baby born in that hospital in 2000 and almost two full pounds bigger than her brother. They had a hard time getting her shoulders out of the incision.

                  Nathan was brave enough to watch a bit of the surgery and cut the cord. I was pretty tired due to being up for two straight days. I still did not sleep all that much. Ali and I cuddled and talked and had a great ime bodning. She had the most gorgeous long fingers which reminded me of my Grandma's hands.

                  The doctor who performed the C and I talked later on about why my labor wouldn't engage. He figured that I would never have been able to give birth naturally due to the broadness of the frame of the kids. He also said that Brian probably turned breach because he figured out that he was not going to be able to fit down the birth canal.

                  Now here I am with a sic year old and a four and a half year old. I don't remember the pain, and the stories are fading a little bit. My love has only grown for each of them since their birth. And the stories get more interesting each and every day.
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                    Kyler was two weeks late, yeah you read that right TWO WEEKS. They finally decided to induce my labor, yeah that was fun at 6am on Day 14 of being late. By noon, NOTHING, they broke my water, contractions but not enough. 6pm, 12 hours later, they up the pitocin, more contractions, still not enough. Finally, at about 10 or 11pm I still hadn't progressed past 4 centimeters but it hurt and that "wonderful" nurse says "well honey you've had alot of pitocin it hurts worse with that, um thanks? So, they decided to give me sleeping pills and try again in the morning. Again, at 4 am they wake me up to move onto my side, don't tell me why. Then they are constantly checking on me, turns out Kyler goes into Fetal Distress so I'm rushed in for an Emergency C-Section. Get all doped up(Mamabot is soooo right it's so hard to sit still naked and freezing while someone shoving a needle in YOUR BACK) They start cutting away and all of a sudden hey hey hey I can FEEL THAT!! So more drugs ahhhhh no more pain. Then the dr. starts laughing, LAUGHING turns out Kyler is cuddled up and making a pouty face!

                    He was fine after that but my stitches got infected a few days later, Yeah not a fun experience!

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                      Shawn was 6 weeks early
                      Another C-section, this time with Morphine, which I did NOT know I was allergic to. So I spent the entire birth PLUS the next 12 hours throwing up.
                      Plus, the previous dr. did a shoddy job stitching up the internal stitches from Kyler(wasn't aware of this)so my new dr. stitched it up better so it took twice the amount of time of a normal C. Shawn was rushed to NICU where he stayed for 10 days. Because I was so sick and he was so sick I didn't see him until the next morning. I didn't get to hold him for 3 days. Plus, I was away from Kyler, those were the hardest most emotional days of my life.
                      He came home on an apnea monitor for 6 months.

                      Again, not a good experience

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                        Ok both my kids were pretty quick labors: (don't throw things...please)

                        My daughter was born on a Friday afternoon,
                        I had to get to the hospital (about 45 minute to an hour with no traffic)
                        I had to go up there with commute traffic (I think It took about 1hr 45 min but I'm not possative, after all I was a bit distracted...)
                        my water did not break on it's own...Dr. had to do it. (by the way no medication, I did refuse the epidural)
                        I went from 3cm-10cm in less than an hour and when they came to check me I wouldn't let anyone look (I wasn't feeling well, ya know, just leave me alone...) well the nurse made me let her check and said the babies crowning, push
                        (for those of you that do not know, crowning means the babies head is just about out...) they could see her hair.
                        I would not push, my honey wasn't in the room and I knew if it had gone that fast already if I pushed he would miss I waited for him ( the nurse later told me she never had a mom refuse to push) well in less than 10 minutes, and 3 pushes my sweet baby girl made her appearance.

                        my son was pretty similar...but my water broke on it's own, I was making dinner but I refused to go to the hospital until after I had eaten (remember, I have done this before and knew I would not be able to eat for a long time once I got to the hospital)
                        well my labor would not start (water broke at 5 contractions) I so lucked out the nurse said if I didnt go into labor by 5am the would start pitocin (sp?) but my little guy started my contractions about 10 minutes before the pitocin...thank god!
                        he was born at 7:35 am (only 2 1/2 hours of contractions)this time 15 whole minutes of pushing....
                        and yes again no epidural...

                        It's really not that bad....I just kept thinking when this is over I get to meet my little baby...
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                          I don't know how you strong women do it! I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain, that i'm getting a little queezy just reading your stories! I know I want to have children in about 4-5 years, but I'm super scared. I remember when my older sister had her first kid about 8 yrs ago, we went to the delivery. I walked into the room right after she got the epideral. She was lying on her side, shivering, and said to me with a tired yet serious look on her face..."it's painful, Elly..."

                          Yikes. That's scared me ever since. I actually had a very vidid dream just last night that i gave birth to a baby girl. And all day i had this wierd feeling left from the dream, thinking, "where's my baby girl?", and left me a bit sad that the baby wasn't real. So, I know i really do want one...just hope I won't chicken out at the last moment!
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                            When I went in for the external version with Brian, the nurse gave me my first ever IV. I was screaming the pain was so bad. I had remembered the stories of my brother being in the hospital when we were young. He hated IVs. So that I was in such pain with the needle was not a surprise to me.

                            The nurse stopped trying after a few mintues, then said "You are a real wimp about pain. If you can't stand this, I don't see how you are going to survive child birth". She gave me a few minutes to compose myself. Nathan realized when she waslked out of the room that she had been trying to insert the IV needle on top of the nerve I had been having problems with in my wrist for the last half of my pregnancy.

                            When the nurse came back in, I told her what we had figured out and that she she be a bit more sensitive in the future. And I had survived the pain of migraines with only extra strength tylenol to help with the pain. Who was she calling a wimp.
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                              Well, with my first baby labor started w/ my water breaking at midnight. My husband had said, "Don't have the baby during finals week", so I did. :lol: She was 10 days early. It wasn't terribly long for a 1st baby; not quite 16 hours, but I thought I would die! I wasn't given the option of an epidural..wasn't done much in 1990, I guess. She was 7lbs/11oz.
                              Baby #2 started gradually, 9 days after her due date, w/ contractions and losing my plug (yummy). I did have an epidural this time--loved it! Took 12 hours. Also 7lbs/11oz. I pushed for 30 min. w/ both girls.
                              Baby #3, a boy, was helped along. My midwife was going on vacation about the time of his due date and I really wanted her to deliver so she stripped the membranes (ouch), 12 days ahead of schedule. I think it was about 18 hours of slowly progressing labor and 1 hour of pushing. I highly recommend letting things start on their own! He was, however, quite healthy and good sized 8lbs/4oz.
                              I had a baby girl born at 22 weeks who had many birth defects. As you can imagine, that sucked. I really wanted another baby so....
                              Baby #4(5?) was another son! Knowing how my previous labors were none to fast, I was in no hurry to get to the hospital, even at 12 days overdue. Labor pains began at 5am. I was able to go about my business in between them: took, a bath, shaved my legs, made some phone calls. At 7:15am the contractions started knocking me off my feet! Hubby woke the other kids, fed them (do they REALLY need to eat! I'm thinking) We got in the car at 7:55am and I was dying by then. Threw up my cereal in the car (had a bowl) and used some colorful language, I'm told. We had a 30min. drive ahead of us in commuter traffic on I-80. On the Causeway, heading toward Davis, my water broke. Suddenly I started pushing, quite involuntarily! "Don't push!" He's saying. Chya! My mom was meeting us at the hospital and by the time we were pulling into the parking lot, she saw us, saw the look on my face (she's had 8 kids after all!) and mouthed "Uh oh".
                              Well, long story short (too late!), he was born IN THE FRONT SEAT OF OUR MINIVAN. Born at 8:30am, about 5 min. after we stopped. He was 9lbs.even. His middle name is Van!

                              I AM SOOOOO DONE HAVING BABIES!!!
                              I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                              That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                                The Boy was a 10# breech, only I was told 3 days before that he was 7#s and ready to go. I was to have been induced on Thursday morning. By Friday afternnon I had had enough of the hospital telling me they didn't have an open room that I finally asked if my water was broken would they have a room? They made the mistake of telling me yes. After proving a few wives tales true, my water broke as I was getting out of the bathtub.

                                I ate dinner, 'cause they said in those birthing classes we should eat if we could. Then the Dr came in to induce. It was a different Dr than my OB (thank God!), and he did the exam and began to panic. Things happened very fast after that. I went into shock, shaking, crying, ect... The person giving me the saddle block was yelling at me for eating when my nurse told her to back off, that it was an emergency and that I had no idea I was going to be having surgery.

                                The only pain I really had was getting in and out of the hospital bed kept pulling my staples. Since I was doing good they didn't make me stay 48 hours, I was out in less than 36.

                                The Boy came out big, and won't stop growing. My 8 yr old is now up past my chin and in the middle of another growth spurt.


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                                  Hey! Guess what I learned on my birthday. When I was born I was quite late (not sure on the specifics) and they had to use forecepts. That's all I know. Adoption leaves things like this wide open even if you have connections its odd to be so specific.


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                                    Originally posted by LightBeer
                                    I didn't cry when I was born, which is bad because crying helps clear out the lungs. The doctor had to spank me to force me to cry..........which I enjoyed.
                                    :bow: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :bow:

                                    I am laughing so hard right now.


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                                      My daughters births were relativly easy. Number one was an 8 hour labor down side she was under stress and lifted her shoulder on the way out and has erbis palsey but at 24 she has compentated, even pitched softball tucked her glove under her arm and could get it back on fast enough to catch a line drive at her face ...thank god!
                                      The second was a planned c section due to her sister having erbis palsey..when i questioned the hi your prego you will have a c section they said dont worry your husband will be there and can come in...that was all well until the epidural went up instead of down ( the oral surgen could have done anything needed) so out I went . I was so heavily drugged I had to ask 3x'x if i had a boy or girl.
                                      My daughter ugh... she swears she was in labor for 4 weeks at the very least.
                                      she was in and out of hospital with false labor and being good grammie that I am I went from no ca to so ca 3x in 10 days.At 32 weeks I was with her at the hospital and the baby calculated in at 4 1/2 to 5 lbs and since they had previously given her meds to stop labor they werent going to give her anymore after this round.
                                      then she made her regular visit at 37 weeks and the Dr told her she was dialiated and effaced and it was her lucky day and go over to the hospital , so once again we are in the car heading to La, opps no after walking the hall ways for 6hrs labor stopped. So one hotel room and a 2 day visit later we head home again. So next the Dr tells her to come in and he will induce . be there at 8 am , no problem. So we go the next week and are going to be there for the big event. Her Dr is no where to be found and the floor ob is like no I dont think you are ready , but hey I will induce but maybe the baby is too small and it can be a problem ...but hey you guys make the call ...and here is a social worker to talk to...omg I cant tell her what to do what if the baby is too small or under developed ( even though by this time she has had the steroid shots for fetal development) shes of course in tears since she doent want to make the wrong the decision, she is shy 3 days of the 38 week mark , the fathers granddad is a retired obgyn in texas even he dosent want to make the decision , so we leave without a baby, and with a very unhappy prego person, so back to no ca we go.
                                      It took me 24 hours to hunt down her regular obgyn through Kaiser and hes like huh?she didnt have the baby? I am like no. So he says come in friday I will induce ( shes still having regular contractions and dialited to 5) I said are you going to be there ? the other dr made us all feel like awful people, he said he would be there no problem he was only ob and could not get called into er like the last time. We sent back on the friday , so here we are in the car again, she checked in he put her on pictocin and finally had to break her water to get things moving, I thought we had plenty of time...wrong ..they broke her water at 3 ish ,she deliverd at 6:45 I was on hwy 99 just beyond Fresno. I cant belive they let cell phones in delivery she called me at 6:55 to tell me my grandson had arrived !!!
                                      Next call was at the bottom of the Grapevine about 8:30 , if you dont get here by 10 they wont let you in. I have never been on such a ride to get to Kaiser west la before 10 we arrived at 10, thank god they let us in or I would have killed someone. I figure the trips to LA cost us near 1000.00 with gas food and lodging but its like the mastercard commercial ..PRICELESS.


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                                        Pregnant at DL

                                        I have to admit I skimmed most of the posts. I do want you to know that one time when I was at DL, my wife was 2 months pregnant with our first. She was "sick" and lets just say it was a new experience for me at DL. I tried to help, but there wasn't anything I could do. :confused:
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