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Outlet Malls - Love them or hate them?


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  • Outlet Malls - Love them or hate them?

    I'm a big outlet mall person, I could spend an entire day there shopping. Locally I've found that the one near Seattle had the best stores - Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, there's a whole lot of the "nicer" stores. However, the last time I was there, only the Gap was open - they were still finishing the rest of the stores, so as you can see, I need to make another trip out there!

    So my question to you is this - do you shop at outlet malls? If you do, which one and what is your favorite store there? Finally, do you feel like you save a lot of money when you buy stuff there?

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    I could live for outlet shopping!

    Some things are rip offs, damaged, or same prices as regular stores. But I'm just cautious.
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      I like outlet malls when they are REAL outlet malls. I know of a couple that call themsleves outlet malls, but prices are no different than regular ones and that peeves me!!

      There are a couple outlet malls here in MN that I haven't tried yet. One weird thing about outlet malls- why the HECK are they always out in the middle of nowhere?? They are like that in CA and here in MN too? I think that's weird.
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        TinkPink- Yup, it's like that here too...mostly.
        there is one I really like it's about 15 minutes from my house. I love it!
        I particularly like the Off 5th store...oh man Saks 5th Avenue Discounted!!!!!!!

        I actualy prefer outlet malls and stores, I like to search for the great deals. and I love coming home with a bunch of cloths telling my husband how much I spent (watching his eyes pop out) and then tell him how much I saved by shopping outlets, all better, by then he thinks I'm a smart shopper and saved money, and I go shopping again.

        plus I really like designer clothes (and accessories) but I hate designer prices, this way I look like I paid a lot, but I didn't..... gotta love that.


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          eh.. depends on my mood



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            I like outlet malls. There aren't any real real close here, so I don't go too often. (Thankfully!). I used to go to one in Colorado quite a bit. (And having a Cracker Barrel there didn't make a diffrence, ut uh, nope! ) You can get some good deals!!
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              I am soooo cheap, so its is hard to say. I think most outlet malls are too expensive for my taste, and I don't think most have deep enough discounts to call themselves an outlet. What usually happens is they never have anything in my size that I like. I tend to do better clearance shopping at regular stores.
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