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party ideas...


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  • party ideas...

    Okay Moms...and Dads..and well, everyone else....drag out those imaginations...cause I need to borrow them. My daughter's 4th birthday is coming up in Nov., and here's what I'm planning. Since her birthday will be on a Weds., she will have two birthday parties. The one for her actual birthday will be a Mad Hatter themed tea party. (She's obsessed with Alice in Wonderland right now)...we are having Jewel tea (hot cocoa) and finger sandwiches (peanut butter & jelly and grilled cheese) and a special cake made by me...everyone will get hats at the door..and will be served on mismatched china. My father, the woodworking making a cut out of the Mad Hatter to sit at the head of the table. Now, here's where you come in....can you add to this? Remember, this will be a small party..but, I want it to be fun. Grownups will mainly be at this But, I want her to enjoy it.

    The second party will be the one for the's also Disney themed. BIG surprise. Her BIG gift will be a trampoline, and we'll have a character there too. Pooh bear pinata', Disney cake, etc. The norm. Any tips here?

    My mind has run, I'm tapping a new Disney crazed friends. Thanks ahead of time for any tips.

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    Re: party ideas...

    Well, it's nothing new but do they still make "fruit" marshmellows? Having pink, green, orange and yellow instead of white (or with) might seem more jewel like
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: party ideas...

      GREAT idea!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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        Re: party ideas...

        Are you looking for more games?
        treaure hunt/scavenger hunt... can be made piratey, although that agrgroup wont really have seen the Pirate movies.
        You could make it princess themed... a clue to find a shoe (Cinderella) a clue to a book (Belle) etc. Is it an all girl party?
        decorate cookies... there's girl gingerbread cookie cutters, or three circles baked close togther makes a mouse head.
        They could all make party crowns/tiaras (either vut out of paper, or else turn Burger King crowns inside out!
        art contest- create your own Stitch experiment thing... with a prize duly awarded to each kid (most creative, best use of color, best design, most legs, etc. But dont let them know thew categories, so you can make up fitting ones for winners.


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          Re: party ideas...

          At your tea party every so often have everyone move down a seat. (Clean Cup Clean Cup Move Down Move Down!)


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            Re: party ideas...

            Um....maybe you could do "Put the Hat on the Mad Hatter" which would be like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but have paper cut outs of hats with tape on them and stick them on the Mad Hatter cut out.

            What about good old fashioned musical chairs to Disney songs?

            Or a crazy hat race. You can have a bunch of hats in the pile and all the kids put them on and there is one hat that is the "magic hat" or the "special hat" and the person wearing it gets a prize.

            Maybe one of those clothing races. Have 2 top hats with the fraction card on them, 2 big ties, and 2 green jackets. Break the kids up in 2 teams. one person from each team races to their pile of clothes, puts them on as fast as they can (over their regular clothing), you take a picture, they remove the costume, and return to their group. The next person on their team does the same and the fastest team wins. Remind them that the winning team must all be seated quietly in order to win. (This is something that we've done with a lot of different theme days at the day camp site I work at).

            Would you feel comfortable allowing them to help bake cupcakes for their tea party? Either they can take turns pouring ingredients and mixing the batter or you could make the batter, separate the batter into small bowls/cups, allow them to add food coloring to make them more "jewel", they could mix the food coloring in, and then decorate them with frosting that has also been mixed with food coloring later.

            My best score ever!


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              Re: party ideas...

              That is the cutest pary ever (the tea )
              For the kids, i think - If possible - to have or hire someone to get into a disney outfight (her second favourite disney charactor) and have them be at the party too!
              Say if it have cinderella, give everyone crowns and have them sing and dance to disney music. Than give the trampolin, set up, if possible soon enough, have everyone sing and jump on it.
              Lol, not the best idea, but thats something my cousion had. Her and her friends loved it. (But her theme was dora the explorer.)


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                Re: party ideas...

                I LOVE ya'll's ideas!!!!!

                Duckie--your idea inspired me...for her BIG Disney the tail on Eeyore!!!

                I'm flipping over cpdisneyprincess' idea!!!

                danceguest--that's an idea. We had Cookie Monster at her 2nd bday. And a carebear last year...I'm hoping they have something Disney for this year. I know they have Pooh.

                Ladyalmalthea--the cookies are a fantastic idea. I could do that ahead of time...make them in the shape of tea cups!!! Or for her big party..make Mickey heads and give them away as party favors!!!

                GREAT ideas people!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU


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                  Re: party ideas...

                  Lol, wish your daughter happy 4th bithday from MC
                  Np helping you, yes i was thinking pooh when i wrote that, just my cousion did cinderella so it was easier to explain


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                    Re: party ideas...

                    We just had an Alice tea party for our girls birthdays this year. We had a bounce house shaped like a big cake so we did not do a lot of games. We bought a bunch of lanterns from Cost Plus and hung them everywhere. We got all of the Alice music we could find and played it during the party. Alice came to the party and read her story and helped open the presents. On ebay we found these cute stickers that can be personalized with Alice on them, the fit on the bottom of a hersheys kiss. At Disneyland they have a little Alice set that we put on the cake. Have a great party. Here are some pictures.
                    "You can't judge a book by its cover."
                    "No, but you can tell how much it is going to cost."


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                      Re: party ideas...

                      Oh! And you could also have a Cheshire Cat Hunt or a White Rabbit Hunt. Like an easter egg hunt, but the ulitimate goal is to find the Cat or the Rabbit (either print out a picture or find a stuffy or a plastic figure for them) you could also hide other little things to find along the way like Decks of Cards (they have super cute Disney ones around) and Little pastic Tea cups, Flamingos (beanie baby?) Caterpiller, Eat Me Cookies (ooooh you could make sugar cookies and frost them w/ EAT ME on them for the party...). The person who finds the Cat or the Rabbit get the big prize and the others who found the other stuff can keep those (so no one feels left out). Just an Idea I had this morning while drinking me coffee.


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                        Re: party ideas...

                        I LOVE those cakes; Poohpiglet!!! SO cute!!!

                        And cp....those cookie ideas are amazing!!! I was thinking to make them in the shape of tea cups...but that idea is SO much better!!!! I could even stick little tags on the tea pots that say Drink Me!!!

                        thank you all...SO much!!!


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                          Re: party ideas...

                          teacup cookies, awww...
                          I wanted to bake before, bot now...


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                            Re: party ideas...

                            I know someone who does children's birthday parties. She dresses up in character, reads her character book to the children, presents the book to the birthday child, helps open presents and cleans up, visits with the guests and poses for pics, helps make a wish and blow out candles, then leaves. She takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and really frees up the adults to take pictures or whatever.
                            Depending on where you live, you might want to contact her...PM me.


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