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    I wrote this big long post about the wonderful things that are a big help to dry hair, till I noticed the original poster was asking about oily hair. Oops.

    I can't be much help in the oily-hair arena, since my hair's naturally curly and I process it quite a bit (straightening, highlights, etc). So it tends toward dry. I know every trick in the book to whip dry hair back into shape, but I haven't had oily hair since I was a kid.

    I did find an article that listed (seemingly) good ways to keep the oil under control, but it didn't list any specific products, just home remedies.
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      Originally posted by Morrigoon
      Don't laugh...

      Mane 'N Tail. You can usually find it on drugstore shelves, and occasionally the markets. There's a shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner may suggest a leave-in, but that leaves things too greasy, so use it as a rinse. Makes hair SOOOOO soft and healthy!
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        Sounds gross but its great to use vinegar in your hair once a week to strip your hair strands from the buildup of shampoos, it works and makes your hair feel amazing....Also you can use Dawn dishsoap.


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          I use a mix and match of products. For my shampoo & conditioner, I'm currently using L'Oreal's VIVE Smooth-Intense. For styling products, I usually put a small amoutn of Redken's Outshine in my damp hair, then a tiny bit of Suave Professionals version of Paul Mitchell's sculpting foam just at the roots. After I dry my hair, I add a little of Redken's Glass for a little extra shine and to tame the fly-aways. Then I spray with Suave Professionals version of some Paul Mitchell hairspray.


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