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  • recipes! I'm a bit new to this whole cooking thing and I guess that I'm tryng to build up my repertoire in this arena. I've bought a few cookbooks that were supposed to be "simple" and I've found that they are quite involved! So I turn to you, my fellow micechatters, to help me out here?

    Do you know of some great recipe ideas that you can post for me? Here's the thing though, I'm the exact measurement kind of girl, I want to know measurements, not just "some of this" or "a dash of that." I prefer to work with "a quarter of a cup of this" and "a teaspoon of that." Also, I'm not a fan of shrimp, clams, mustard, or cooked carrots. oh...and I'm not a fan of alcohol (drinking it) so I don't know how alcohol will affect the food. Everyone says that it just cooks away but I've never tried it so.....

    Help me!

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    Re: recipes!

    What kind of recipies are you looking for? Dessert, entree, snacks, breakfast?

    Also, have you looked at the good, old fashioned Better Homes & Gardens' cookbook with the red plaid cover? The front section of the book has great "food theory" information, detailed descriptions on the flavors of various herbs, and explainations on different ingredients and why they're important. With a good knowledge of these things you'll find you are able to improvise with more ease!!

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      Re: recipes!

      I cannot recommend enough the website
      Recipies are rated by members, andthere are usually multiple versions of recipies.
      I agree, stuff like Rachael Ray can be very complicated, because she de,ands a list of stuff to always keep.
      If you want to learn how to cook, may I recommend this book, How to Cook Everything.
      And definitely, give us some ideas for what you would like to learn to cook, or favorite things to eat, and I'm sure we can hook you up.


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        Re: recipes!

        I'm a fan of the Betty Crocker cookbook, myself. Like most cookbooks, it divides recipes into categories. But in addition to that, it's also a reference guide. The beginning of each category includes an overview, explanations and "how-to's" for things in that category. There are also lots of photos. For example, it shows things like scrambled eggs in three stages - undercooked, cooked just right, and overcooked - and step-by-step visuals for things like rolling out pie crusts - if you need visual aids.

        I find it to be a handy reference.
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