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OMG 50's circle skirts are a pain to stitch!


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  • OMG 50's circle skirts are a pain to stitch!

    ...And other assorted complaints.

    Well, my 50th dress is almost finished, needing only the yellow and white stripes of trim along the bottom. First of all, that circle skirt... ugh. Second, don't I look horribly fat in my dress? Tomorrow I'm going to see about taking it in a bit over the hips to see if I can make my form once again appear female.

    But, FWIW, here's what I'm wearing on the 50th.

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    Fun! I wish I could sew. That reminds me. I am once again going to teach my mom to use the computer and she is going to re-teach me how to sew on buttons and simple mends. The last time I learned what when I first did as a Brownie Girl Scout and as a Senior Girl Scout I can't exactly do it.

    I can't wait to see you in your final dress. I'm sure it will be cute. Don't forget to smile too girl!


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      i am very impressed with the sewing. I am lucky if I can sew up the hem of my pants when it falls. And you made a whole dress! Please let us see the finished product. You are going to look great!
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        What about dropping the waist lower? It looks like it is a bit too high. I have some 1950's and 1940's patterns, I'll try to take a few pictures of the covers for you to see what sort of things they were wearing. A lot of it is really cute, but a pain to sew.
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          Looks good so far! I'd definitely do a couple darts at the waistline to bring in in a little. Either that - or maybe make a cute sash to tie around it.


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            It's actually darted in the front, though it's hard to tell. I made the lower front darts smaller than they were designed to be, to keep it from being too tight. Where I'm thinking of adding darts are at the side seams, perhaps having them go in about 1/2 cm and then going back out to the waistline. Just to give it a more hourglassy look where right now it's more.... pyramid.

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              The design includes a belt, but it's supposed to be made of the same fabric. IF I were to do the belt, it'd have to be in the contrast yellow, I think. But I'm not a big fan of belts. I just wanted a nice sundress to wear on a hot day, you know?

              Also, and I think this is worth suggesting to folks who'll be there all day: I'm planning on bringing 2 outfits. It's gonna be a HOT day, and I'd like to have something to change into.

              Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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