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what's your favorite kind of candy?


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  • what's your favorite kind of candy?

    I just discovered the best candy on the face of the earth, hands down.

    Haribo Grapefruit Gummis!!!

    I already love their sour Lemon Gummis and super-sweet Peach Gummis, as well as the realistic-looking Raspberries. But the Grapefruit Gummis are the best, the perfect mix of sweet and sour.

    What do you reach for when you need a sugar fix?
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    peach rings, sour apple rings, or Milky Way Midnight
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      My sugar cravings are always very specific. It is either for fruity/gummi candy or chocolately candy. I like Mike & Ike's for fruity cravings. For choclatey cravings lately I have been going for almond snickers. I also love kit-kats. I would NEVER reach for something like a hershey bar. I only like chocolate when it is full of non-chocolatey things.

      And brownies are heaven on earth.
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        Dove dark chocolate...yay!

        Red vines...they're yummy and fat free!

        Also anything gummy.
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          hersheys, m&ms, snickers, kitkat, whatchamacallits, milky way, rolo's..

          Chocolate, period.

          (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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            Butterfingers! YUM!!!
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              Mickey Gummie Heads! I get a bag every time I go to the park!


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                Haribo Gold Bears - Gummi Bears
                Red Vines - not Twizzlers...bleh!
                Chocolate Covered Almonds

                (Don't flame me, but I've never understood why anyone likes Butterfinger... yuk! )


                • #9
                  Gummi Bears
                  Jelly beans
                  Bottle caps


                  • #10
                    Huh.... do chocolate-dipped strawberries count?
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                    Dove milk chocolate, preferably in small sizes, like Valentine's hearts or easter eggs
                    Ghiradelli (or other high-end chocolate) squares
                    Reese's Pieces

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                      I like the fruity stuff best. Gummy stuff, jelly beans, Skittles... hard candy as well - there's some great sugar free stuff, like Jolly Ranchers.

                      Jelly Beans are my most favorite though... I love easter because there are so many to choose from! I try not to eat too much candy, esp. sugarful candy, anymore though.
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                        All time favorites:
                        Peanut M&M's
                        Milk Duds
                        Junior Mints
                        Red Vines

                        Honorable mention:

                        Can't pass it if it's at the mall:

                        When Aunt flo comes for a visit:
                        King Size Snickers


                        • #13
                          sour patch gummy watermelon slices
                          anything Hersheys (without nuts, just plain 'ol milk chocolate!)
                          anything that has caramel (especially 100 grands)

                          ^clicky clicky^


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                            I love Red Vines licorice. So does my cat. He'c razy about it. Go fig.

                            I also love Jujubes. My mom got me hooked on them when I was a kid.

                            I also love almost any kind of cinnamon candy, like Hot Tamales, cinnamon gummi bears, cinnamon imperials.

                            Strangely, I'm not a big chocolate fan. If I have chocolate it HAS to be British Cadbury or nothing. I'm still mad they stopped making Wispa bars as they were my fave!

                            :: makes mental note to go to the Brit good shop in St Pete to stock up on Crunchie bars and Curly Wurlys ::


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                              Red Vines Freshness is crucial sometimes you can tell by the outside of the bucket!!Yummy gumminess is imortant as well!!
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