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Jonah & the Whale

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  • Jonah & the Whale

    ORDDU: Hello, ducklings!! It's time for a story and I'm just the sweet little old lady to tell it. Listen carefully, now.

    Jonah & the Whale

    Once upon a time there was an elementary school teacher and her class. The teacher was telling all her 6 year old students the story of Jonah and the Whale.

    One little girl rasied her hand and asked, "Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale?"

    "No," the teacher replied. "You see, while it's true that whales are very large, their throats are too small to swallow a man."

    "Then," the little girl went on, "what was it that DID swallow Jonah?"

    "A big FISH!" remarked the teacher in triumph.

    Not looking all that convinced, the little girl commented, "I don't think the Bible would lie about it being a whale. Maybe I'll just wait until I go to Heaven, some day, and ask Jonah, himself!"

    With a superior expression on her face, the teacher asked, "But what if Jonah went to Hell, instead?"

    Without missing a beat, the child replied, "Then you ask him."

    ORWEN: Anybody want to contribute their OWN stories? Please feel free.