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care packages for college students


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  • care packages for college students

    My daughter is in college in Oklahoma, and so far I've been really good about sending her little boxes of "stuff". Poohnpiglet is also sending her lots of stuff.
    I think we're both running out of ideas on what to send.

    Poohnpiglet takes her little girls to Target and loads up on lip gloss, stickers, coloring books and crayons, candy...
    I've sent those things plus Starbucks cards, Sonic cards, Halloween treats to give out in the dorm, Pamprin, personal items, clothing...

    WHAT ELSE?????

    What do you think a college kid (far) away from home would like to receive? Fun things, practical things, goofy things...whatever.

    We also try to include something for the boyfriend. He loves Jelly Belly's, but what else?


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    Re: care packages for college students

    We used to send packets of kool-aid! But, I had brothers - they would live off kool-aid and ramen noodles.

    Have you thought about sending photo albums or scrapbook albums so she can keep her memories? I also just loved getting things from home. Favorite candy (from a candy shop in Utah), things like that.
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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      Re: care packages for college students

      Quaters for laundry! Best thing my mom ever sent )
      Good morning, son
      In twenty years from now
      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
      And I can tell you 'bout today
      And how I picked you up and everything changed
      It was pain
      Sunny days and rain
      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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        Re: care packages for college students

        I didn't move away to my University (stayed local), but I have a lot of friends at my University who are from all over the state, and it doesn't really seem like what's in the package matters, they just LOVE getting things from home...
        Have you had every member of the immediate family write her a letter? How about home-made baked goods??... Pictures of recent family events??... little touches from home are always nice...
        I think it is really lovely of you to send her packages. I have some friends whose parents never send them anything, and I honestly don't think my parents would send me anything had I gone far away...
        It's very sweet that you do this for her..
        <3 Chloe


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          Re: care packages for college students

          I loved:

          Top Ramen
          Coffee money (I remember my dad sent me a $20 bill and told me to ONLY spend it on my precious coffee)
          Calling cards
          CD gift certs

          But times have changed...

          Nowadays I'd think ink cartridges, blank CDs, Starbucks cards, restaurant gift cards, iTunes cards, cookies, pre-paid Visas, etc. would be great.


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            Re: care packages for college students

            Originally posted by NeverNeverland View Post
            Quaters for laundry! Best thing my mom ever sent )
            Actually, their laundry services are part of their room & board. No quarters required.

            We have sent cute, funny socks. Ink cartridges! What a good idea. Also maybe a flash drive? blank disks? printer paper?


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              Re: care packages for college students

              Mcdonalds gift certificates, puzzle books, small hand held games.... clay and fun things to do with there hands ( floam) goodie snacks ( m&ms etc) kids love anything, snacks are a hit as well as hot coco packets and fun little gaget toys. ( yeah I am a big kid) but if they come from home everything is cherished!!


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                Re: care packages for college students

                I like to send cookies from They are heavenly, especially this time of year with the spice cookies & buttercream frosting. They're individually wrapped so they don't go bad too soon and you can get some assortments with free shipping.

                I just sent them to a male college freshman in my extended family and he was thrilled. I also send them to friends as "just because" gifts. My mother started sending these to me when I was in college years ago and I know just how appreciated they were.


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                  Re: care packages for college students

                  Vitamins, Airborne, Tissues (the good moisturizing kind)...

                  I always think practical


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                    Re: care packages for college students

                    See if they have an office supply store and then send a gift card for those items. iTunes gift card would be good. How about only food items native to where you are from? Things she can not get in OK. Travel mugs, sheets, comfy blanket, Disney sweatshirt.


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                      Re: care packages for college students

                      does she have a car while she's there? that's something to think about. if she has one, she can easily run out and buy the things she needs, or go out shopping or to eat with friends.

                      as a college student with no car last year and one this year, i see it's a big difference. WAY more good food is great when you have no car to go get it yourself.
                      and the gift cards for stores and restaurants and coffee are great ideas, i wish my mom would send me some of those.
                      how about something decorative for the room? if she likes posters, a large poster of a favorite movie or something is a good idea, as is a fun blanket, stuffed animal, etc. if anyone in your family does some kind of crafts or art, have them make or sew something for her! my sister sews occasionally and she sent me a custom shirt the other day.
                      also, christmas is coming up. if they're allowed to have christmas lights, those are certainly cheery. (we are only allowed them during december here). anything else like that, to remind her that it's almost christmas and time to come home can make it much easier to get through finals.
                      "And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" (John Masefield)


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                        Re: care packages for college students

                        Gift cards for grocery items
                        Sticky notes
                        Pens pencils
                        Gift cards for restaurants
                        Homemade Brownies or cookies


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                          Re: care packages for college students

                          Personalized pencils and pens from Lillian Vernon that way no one can swipe them. Plus pencils are great as hair pins.


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                            Re: care packages for college students

                            long hand written letters
                            home made cards from siblings or neices and nephews
                            tape recordings or home made CD's
                            homemade goodies
                            as the winter season comes, knitted hat, scarf, gloves
                            I would think kids would crave the personal touch.

                            You'll find a slight squeeze on the hooter an excellent safety precaution, Miss Scrumptious. :blush:

                            I am everyone's friend.


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                              Re: care packages for college students

                              Thanks for all the input. You know, I love it that the post office does flat rate shipping!

                              Yesterday I told Kate that I was sending "Soup at Hand"; she called me back about 15 minutes later and asked for goldfish crackers.
                              I guess she'll let me know what she really desires!
                              I've learned to really listen to her, though.

                              "I wish I had..." means "please send me..."
                              "They just opened the new Starbucks" means "please send a Starbucks card"
                              "They ran out of cranberry juice in the caf again" means "I could sure use a few small bottles of cranberry juice"

                              and any conversation in which she says "I had to buy more..." means "please put money in my bank account"

                              Don't misunderstand...she does use big girl words and ask for things. I just think it's fun that I can respond to her needs when she doesn't really ask!

                              And I'm even getting used to her referring to college as "home", as in "don't let me forget to bring my flannel sheets home with me after Thanksgiving"


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