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  • Double Duty for everday products

    Winter is not very kind to my hands. Yesterday, my hands were burning from the pain of dryness. I looked arounf the mess that is my car and could not find my lotion. I just switched to a new purse, darn it if I didn't remember to transfer the lotion.

    My inner Girl Scout stepped in and suggested that I try to find something else in the car that might be able to help with the dryness. The only thing I could think to use was lip gloss. Thankfully, I had my Smashbox Layout set of lip gloss. I grabbed the one that was closest to clear, doused the fire on my hands, and presto, no more burning. Phew. Now I know what to use next time I have dry hands and there isn't any lotion in sight.

    Has anyone else found a product that does double duty?
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    The ultimate double duty product....................

    Hands 2 Hair by DuWop

    Two great products in one, this super emollient hand cream doubles as the perfect styling cream for hair that needs a little frizz-ease. Simply work a small amount into your palms, and run through the hair to define texture, then massage the residue into your hands!

    I got a sample from Sephora and it's great!!!

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      Hahahahahaha yes but I dont think I can tell you..........
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