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Have kids? Let's chat about them here...


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  • Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

    :love: I noticed that a lot of us talk about our kids in all these other threads so I figured I would start one right here that is actually about them. So, let's hear it: brag, complain, whine, moan, funny stories and whatever else you've got!

    :squeeze: Maybe start off just introducing them, without too many details, of course, since you don't really know a lot of us, LOL! How many do you have? How old are they? If they are in school, what grade are they in this year? What else would you like to share?

    "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
    Mark Twain

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    Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

    I'll start, unless someone types faster than me and beats me, LOL.

    I have 3 beautiful daughters: Amber is 11, Autumn is 6 and Ashlyn is 2.

    Amber is starting 6th grade on 8/15. She's going to an all 6th grade school this year, first year out of elementary but not "officially" a Middle Schooler yet. She's starting band and she'll be playing the French Horn - someone send me some ear plugs pronto. She has been really smart all her life and is in advanced classes at school and gets mostly A's on her report card. That's the good and the bad is that she's got the smartest mouth, already knows that she knows everything, corrects me all the time (which is my biggest button pushing from her and infuriates me faster than anything, especially since she's never right - I am, of course, hehe) and never does her few chores without much reminding and yelling. We are very alike and so we clash a LOT.

    Autumn is starting 1st grade. She's the one we're always going to have to worry about, I fear. Middle child thing, perhaps. She's not that interested in school at all and doesn't like to listen much. She won't do her work half the time, even when it's stuff that we know that she knows. If she isn't in the mood, it will not get done without much fighting. If she has something she needs to say, she is going to say it no matter how much trouble she gets into. She'll come back 2 hours later and finish her statement, if need be. But, she's the one closest to my heart because she is really a big sweetheart and needs my attention and me to fight for her honor way more often. She's also on the large side and gets teased a lot and called "fat" and "stupid." There was a day she'd have punched someone in the face for that, thank goodness that stopped before she started school or we'd be living in the Principal's office! She's really not stupid, she just is determined and it will serve her very well later in life... once she makes it through school, LOL! She's extremely imaginative and more artsy than booksy, I guess.

    Ashlyn is my baby. She talks a little too well, understands a little too much and is growing up way too fast. But, she also knows what she wants from life and won't let anyone walk all over her. She is still extremely cuddly, which Mommy loves and always tells me she's my baby and tells Daddy she's not his baby, only Mommy's. The other night, she picked out a pair of tennis shoes and she WAS getting them, not a doubt in her mind. Well, they didn't have that shoe in the size that they measured her foot. We got our second choice and she absolutely refused to try it on, crossed arms, curled toes and all. I finally forced it on and it was too big, so she got her way because they had HER shoe in a smaller size. The little turd was so smug... and she's only TWO!! What will happen when she's a teenager??

    Anyway, those are my kiddos. My life!!

    "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
    Mark Twain


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      Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

      I have a ten year old, Courtney, the one who just went to camp and didn't come back a pod person. She's going into fifth grade and has had a bit of an attitude lately, but nothing extreme, thank God. We just had her best friend with us for the past 32 hours and I didn't want to kill them, so that's good. She's kind, a total first-born, smarter than is necessary, and is an awesome person and friend. She's extremely popular because she's so down to earth and parents love her.

      I have a seven year old, Cassidy, going into 2nd grade. She's sweet, smart, funny, and weird. She's the one who is into Darth Vader (he's her idol) and she wants to be an entymologist when she grows up. It's her personal goal in life to stop people from taking honey from bees, since the bees do all the work. She's a bleeding heart liberal in the making, and slightly autistic. She's awesome.

      My four year old Chloe is the one we call Splenda, cause she's fake sweet. She's a born princess/porn-star-to-be exhibitionist type who is more vain than Disguy and Hidden Mickey put together. And dammit, it really is all about her. She's a kick in the pants, constantly cracks us all up, and is extremely smart in an "old soul" sort of way. There is nothing she won't say, nothing she won't repeat, and no one she won't mock. She's gorgeous, too. I would not want to be one of her contemporaries/peers in junior high, because she makes Heather Chandler look like a sweetie pie.

      I :love: them!!! :ghug:


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        Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

        I got dealt a Boy Hand, two boys here.

        Kyler is 10, for one more month, and going into 6th grade. He's too damn smart for his own good(seems like a trade following Amber & Courtney!)and excels in school and his in the GATE program. His last school report was done on Matt Ouimet and he blew his teachers away! He's not much into sports, probably because he got my clumsy uncoordinated gene but he's great at building things(legos, 3D puzzles, bionicles etc) He's fully "10" not like 10 but acts 15 like some of his friends that we left behind when we moved and I personally love it!! Unfortunately he's had some social issues the last two years at school, being a teachers pet AND being less mature than alot of his classmates(he's still of the "ewwww girls" mindset where his classmates were "going together" last year)has taken his toll on him. He seems to be doing much better since we moved though! He's a HUGE Disney Geek first and foremost but is also a Star Wars Geek, LOTR Geek and Lego Geek and is proud of all his geekiness. He will talk Disney with anyone and everyone, plans on going to CalArts(Cow Arts )and wants to go to DLP for his highschool grad and Tokoyo Disney for College grad. Oh and he's betrothed to All Aglow's daughter Amber :love:

        Shawn is 6, he'll be 7 in November(the day before All Aglow's daughter Autumn)and the kid is just fun! Nuts, but fun. He's been a struggle between being so "active"(a nice way to say ADD or Hyper)and he still suffers from a speech delay. He was 5 weeks early and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 10 days. He was on monitors for 6 months after that. He struggled alot his first two years catching up with his peers and with his speech but he's almost caught up now. And he's been babied and spoiled because of this, I admit it, not proud of it but I admit it. He did wayyyy better than we anticipated in Kindergarten and is really excited about 1st grade. He is also a Disney Geek(who'da thunk it right? ) and has a wonderful imagination!! He tells us stories all the time and can have a blast outside with just a stick and a rock. This kid has an amazing quick wittiness about him too. Sometimes we'll be amazed at his comebacks. He's a total ham and loves to make people laugh, when we knows you well. He's extremely affectionate and cuddly too. He seems younger that alot of other almost 7 year olds but is such a happy loving little guy! Oh and he's betrothed to Mamabot's daughter

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          Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

          My Baby Boy who isn't a Baby...

          I have one son, age 8 as of July who is the apple of my eye and who can be spoiled rotten to the core. I love him to bits and he was the first grandchild on both my and his father's side. He was also the first great-grandson of both my and his father's side. So now you know why he's so spoiled.

          He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication (I know, I know..I don't like the thought of my son on meds but it does help him and we monitor it a lot.) He will be starting 3rd grade on August 22 (I think). He has had a tough year since his father and I split up in June of last year and divorced finalized in March of this year.

          He is RIGHT NOW on his first trip to Disneyland with his father and probably running my mom and his other grandmother ragged. (Long story that may or may not come out here) I wish I could be there to share in his first magical trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, but I know next year, when I have my family's trip planned, will be just as special.
          :love: Always keep smiling because you never know who is falling in love with it.:love:
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            Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

            The Boy is 8, heading for 3rd grade. He is all boy. He goes back to school around the 23rd. He has been driving me nuts for the past 2 days. He is big for his age, not fat, just big. He acts his age but people who don't know him seem to expect him to behave like a 10-11 yr old. He is getting ready for another growth spurt, and is already starting to wear size 12 shorts. I used to be able to base his height on what new rides he could go on, but for the last 18 months, when he was able to ride Autopia solo, that doesn't work so well any more. The biggest DL drawback is he would love to be able to go into Goofy's BH, but is too tall.

            He is a good kid 89% of the time, very respectful of others. I am still trying to figure out how he turned out so well...


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              Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

              We were blessed with a Millionaire's family! (At least that's what my Aunt told me!)

              Our son Bailey is 10 and going into 5th grade! He's such a hoot! He can tell you ever statstic on Yu Gi Oh cards and bore you to tears with them, spends every last dollar on more cards..yet has a huge problem remembering to take them out of his pockets before throwing them into the laundry. He adores football, even though he broke his arm playing last year. He plays a mean Defensive/Offensive Tackle. He loves baseball more though...allthough bless him, he sucks at it! Shhh..don't tell!!
              He has total natural smarts! Meaning, he never reads, never studies, everything just comes natural to him. He's in the top percentage of his age group, but I know if he actually put forth some effort, he'd be amazing! He's my easy going kid...always smiling and constantly telling me he loves me! We always say that Bailey will either be a beach bum or a politician! Everyone loves him!

              Kassidy or Kat as we call her is 8 going on 20! She's a mess! Drama queen to the max! And with the attitude to go with it. She's just decided this past year that she would like to actually be a girl. So everything she owns is pink and frilly. She's my animal lover...carries our cat around like a rag doll. Would rather watch Animal Planet than cartoons. Loves to read! She's insanely smart...ranked 99% higher than any kid her age on the state tests. Is in accelerated everything at school. She's my little Tasmanian Devil. When she was little, she would throw fits. And the only thing you could do about it was just let it run it's course. I know I got MANY a look from other parents like "You should spank that child!"..but she just gets it out of her system and goes on. She's my cuddle bunny...loves my bed better than hers. And has a sudden fondness for anything antique. (Which is basically anything before she was born!)
              Us girls, we're so magical.
              Soft skin, red lips, so kissable.
              Hard to resist, so touchable.
              Too good to deny it.
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                Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                First off as much as I would love to say their names I can't, my husband would flip...BIG TIME! so in the intrest of marital peace I have ot stick with initials...

                now on with the braging.

                I have been blessed with 2 wonderful angels.

                K is 10(almost 11), she's going into 6th grade this year. Middle school, she is excited and nervouse (I'm a wreck). she's had a rough summer, the move was harder on her than we expected..she still has not met any kids her age in the neighborhood, poor kid.
                She is very Bright and Creative, she came to the conclusion that Math is her best subject but was quick to point out it's NOT her favorite. She spent the first 8 years of her life with her head in the clowds and the jult back to earth has been rough on her...she's such a dreamer. She writes plays, but what's more she casts, directs and stars in them and has preformed them at school. She is a DramaQueen in every sence of the word. She is cute and small for her age, so people underestimate her....she's learning to use that to her advantage (Grrrrr, I don't like that) She is funny and quick and has an attitude to rival her mommies. She is a little carbon copy of me, she looks a lot like me, she acts like me (god help me), she talks like me and is a bit (ok a lot) of a smart as*, and she got it from me. (I'm screwed when she's older)
                But she is my princess. she is an interesting mix of little girl not quite teen yet, she loves cloths and music but also Ariel and Barbie's and eill wer as much glitter as humanly possable.

                T is 5 (6 next month) going into 1st grade, (OH no, why are they getting so big?) He is the cutest little guy I have ever seen (I may be biased though) He is tall for his age so unlike K people expect him to act older...he can't he's not ready. He has the cutes mop of Blond curls...looks like a miniture surfer dude. His obsessions are the fire dept and Disneyland (god love him) he is a very sensative emmotional boy so most people don't really "get" him, he gets heart broken and cries easily over seemingly small things...sometimes I feel like the only one who gets it...He is an interesting combination of all boy and sensative soul. He too can be quite the dramaqueen (almost more so than his sister) He is an absolute card, he cracks me up with his comments and insights. he is his own best friend but he hasn't figured it out yet. I am very over protective of him, he is my baby, and for a couple years early on he was sick a lot... I worry, probaly too much. He is my special angel.

                I wonder what they will be like when they grow up. K will do something in the Arts. T will be in the fire Dept. I hope they both grow up to be strong wonderful indepent individuals able to stand up for what they believe. I hope were doing it right. I think so.

                I can't go to sleep unless I kiss them both goodnight.

                I am blessed, I have two wonderful angels from God
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                  Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                  Wow Tinkerbelle, our boys sound a LOT alike!

                  Ok, I also have a hubby that doesn't want names posted so....

                  Well, Kid #1 is Faith. Ha ha! Some of you have already met her and most of you already know her name so neener neener.

                  She is 14 yrs old and entering HIGH SCHOOL this year!!! Faith would have been an awesome only child. She thinks only of herself...and will admit this! She often gets straight A's, (currently has a 3.83GPA), LOVES reading--vampire novels, Harry Potter, wiccan books, anything w/ dragons--she writes....NON-STOP!, draws animae--usually pictures of characters in her stories--, has a black--belt in Taekwondo, currently practices Jeet Kun Do, has broken up w/ 2 boyfriends (cuz she's hot! ), likes to horseback ride, listens to: Guns-n-Roses, Ozzy, AC/DC, Green Day, Offspring, (parental influence? ) AFI, and System of a Down, loves cats, and her mom!

                  Kid #2 is a girl named "E"--She is turning 11 in a couple of days and going into 6th grade.

                  This here girl is quite a bit different in personality than the first. She's smaller in size as well....only 70lbs and always the shortest in her class. (Takes after mommy). She does well in school and is always receiving awards for citizenship or extracurricular activities. She is extremely musical. The girl can SING like you wouldn't believe!!!! She gives me goose bumps all over my pride when she sings Broadway! She took up the clarinet last year and did well. However, she picked up her uncle's guitar and w/in half an hour, he'd taught her 6 chords.....she's getting a guitar for her birthday. She loves Clay Aikin, Charlotte Church, pigs, and eggs! Ha ha!

                  Kid #3 is a boy named "E"--imaginative, huh?

                  He is 7 yrs. old and going into 2nd grade and is mommy's "little man". I didn't want boys. I wanted three girls, but he made me love him. :love: He is a lover, not a fighter. He does VERY well in math, HUGE improvements in reading, and gets along with EVERYONE!! Such a popular little guy! He's friends w/ boys and girls alike. He loves Yu-Gi-Oh, his Game Boy, and cute things! :love: "E" is kind of small for his age like his #2 sis. People say he looks just like his dad.

                  Kid #4 is a boy named "J"--and ALL boy he is!

                  This guy gives me a run for my money. Just when I thought I knew everything about raising kids, along came J. He is big, loud, agressive, and absolutely the CUTEST little boy I have EVER seen! Honest to God! It's the only thing that's kept him alive in my opinion. :blink: He is starting preschool this year--on his 4th birthday. It is the same preschool his older sibs went to....I hope the teacher's ready for him! J is also really good w/ numbers; he can add already! He is also very much in love with his mommy, loves to help his daddy work outside on projects, LOVES to watch his brother play Game Boy, and loves his older sister E like a second mom.
                  (He and #1 don't do well together...:bash: ) What this little guy will become will be interesting to see..........................(please, no jail time! :beg: )
                  I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                  That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                    Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                    The Boy is also big into Yugioh. During the school year it is Pokemon, summer is Yugi. He was born with a sense of humor and loves practicle jokes, and telling jokes (which aren't funny). A lot of people know his name, but I have been referring to him as The Boy for so long....
                    hehehe I kicked hom out of the house to work with his dad in the heat (stripping paint from an old car).
                    He is sometimes so sensitive to my feelings that it is scary. He is my little worry wart-he got that from me. He is also pretty easy going-got that from his dad.
                    He has great love for people and animals alike-just ask the Girls (though they may not answer-they are all in their cages sacked out after amusing him all evening).
                    He loves to help, but has the attention span of a fruit fly in heat. He is also great with kids who are younger/smaller than he is.
                    ok, no more gushing from me


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                      Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                      i have one boy, tommy, who is 4-and-a-half. (he will not let me forget the "and-a-half" part!) he was the first grandchild on both sides & is around adults a lot, so he has a pretty wide!! i love his little voice!! he's a sweetie pie and a hoot...he's always cracking us (and himself) up!! i try to squeeze him as much as possible while he's still little and squeezable! :squeeze: he likes dinosaurs, beyblades, rocks and he likes toon disney and boomerang (the old cartoons). he's my little monkey :monkey:


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                        Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                        I don't have kids, but where I work...

                        Edit: deleted my own post b/c :ot:

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                          Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                          I have a 7 and a half year old, JP, who I also call The Boy, how funny is that? He's perfect right now and if I could make him stop growing up, I'd seriously consider it. He likes just about everything, Star Wars, Pokemon, Game Boy, Spongebob....he's a great little consumer and wants/needs everything he sees on television. He'll be in 2nd grade in September. He can spot a hidden Mickey from a mile away, but he sometimes gets bored at Disneyland. (Not enough shooting and explosions, I guess.) He loves to be with other kids, which is probably related to him being an only child. He is incredibly patient with the younger ones and tends to idolize the older kids. He's getting more fashion conscious and only wants to wear shirts that are "cool" and will try to coordinate his t-shirts based on the day's activities, ie Finding Nemo shirt to wear to the aquarium. He's a good kid. I'll keep him. But one is plenty enough for me!
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                            Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                            I have 2 sons. They are both fully grown. That is they are adults, like I am.

                            My first son was born on July 25, 1967. He has one son of his own, born March 25, 1993.

                            My second son was born January 11, 1971. He has no children.

                            My house was always filled with boys and boys things. We had cars and trucks, followed by lego blocks and baseball bats. I was a Cub Scout leader and a PTA president, all for the kids. We were into Little League my kids played for years.

                            My older son is more sports oriented.He was the child, that I never had to worry much about. He never gave me much trouble. He was a good student, who went to school, because he had to, and did well and graduated, no problem. He works in a grocery store today, and is a good dad.

                            My youngest, was my monster child. I always say, if he was born first, he would have been an only child. He gave me so much trouble, from the time he was two. First he was a terrible two. Then he was a terrible momma's boy. Follow this up with a rebellious teenager. Went to the best high school. Could have been a straight A student, and graduated by the skin of his teeth in summer school. Glad he's grown today. Own's his own house and is an auto mechanic. He is no momma's boy today. I wish he would call more, or stop by to talk.

                            Then we have my grandson. He seems like my third child, since I have taken care of him since about 3 month's old. His parents have not lived together since he was two. I always tell him, that he has three homes. It is hard for him, with three different sets of rules. He is a joy to me. Good at sports, like his dad. Doesn't like the learning part of school, but loves the social side. He is a very good bowler. Has his average up to 140, right now, and he is only 12. He pitches and can play most positions in Little League. His batting is only average. He loves to swim. Likes heavy metal music, like his father. He loves to fish. We took the WDW fishing excursion and he caught 12 fish. We play video games together. Pokemon Emerald at the moment. Played Kingdom Hearts together. Then of course, we share our love for Disney. Broke my heart, when I had to go to Disneyland without him. He will ride the rollercoasters, I will not. I love Jiminy. He is into Dopey at the moment, with Goofy his other favorite. He collects pins. I brought him home lots of Disneyland ones. He got mad at me, for not bringing him home a cupcake.
                            He is growing up too fast for me. I am enjoying, helping with the process.

                            Enjoy your children, while they are young, they grow up too fast. Take them to Disneyland and share the magic. Walt Disney World has plenty of Magic also.


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                              Re: Have kids? Let's chat about them here...

                              Originally posted by MissChristine
                              I don't have kids, but where I work, I get to see A LOT of "parenting techniques." It's amazing to me how people will come in with their children, not watch what they are doing, and let them wreck the store by tearing off stickers from the sticker wall, knocking hooks off of the wall, and carrying around other random items from the displays. The parents even sometimes have the nerve to BLAME US, the employees, for their children's behavior-like the little one who clogged up our toilet (we got yelled at for not locking the door).
                              Just an experienced word of caution: I used to go through this too. After seeing the same kids over and over again it dawned on me...The parents were using their kids as distractions so they could shoplift. Once I figured that out I would ignore the kids and focus on the parents. Instead of warning the kids about the dangers of playing in the clothing racks I would warn the parents. Once they realized that I was on to them they stopped coming in and when they did the kids were less destructive.


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