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LGBT in the Parks


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  • LGBT in the Parks

    Ok, doing some 'unofficial' research here. I'm looking for people to share their LGBT stories, good or bad, about the their day(s) or stay(s) at the Disneyland Resort. I'm not looking for stories about how you got your B/F's or G/F's rocks off inside the Haunted Mansion or on Tom Sawyer's Island, but real stories. The Cast Member that saw you and your significant other holding hands on the table and smiled at you or brought over a dessert on the house. The Cast Member that asked if you wanted your new Princess Tiara wrapped up as a gift or did you want to wear it in the Park? I'm also looking for the not so great stories, like the Cast Member that made you feel uncomfortable when you asked for a king bed for you and your same sex partner when checking in at a Resort Hotel. Or a Guest that said they would pray for your souls when they saw you kissing during "Remember, Dreams Come True". Any and all will be great, and if you don't want it posted you can send it to me privately.

    Thank you all very much, and have a *Magical Day*!
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    Re: LGBT in the Parks

    Because no cast members are gay, I am hardly shocked by their intolerant behaviour. LOL

    I remember a number of years back when I rode Peter Pan with my friend Jenni, who was wearing her pride rings. As we were about to exit the ride, the CM standing there exclaimed, "Oh you're family! You get to go again!".... and off we were through a second trip into Neverland!

    The intolerant ones are the guests. I remember one time I was holding my boyfriend's hand in the park, and people would literally STOP in their tracks, go slack-jawed and point. I usually ignore stuff like that but sometimes I'd wink and say "Welcome to California!"
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      Re: LGBT in the Parks

      No first hand knowledge (since I'm straight), but my mom and her partner always say they are very comfortable being "out" at Disneyland. One of the few places they can hold hands and not feel like they're being stared down.

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        Re: LGBT in the Parks

        My kids are so used to being around people from all walks of like. They don't question things when they see 2 men or 2 women holding hands.

        As for memorable experiences.

        Love it when we are wearing the "Happy Birthday" stickers and the CM's say Happy Birthday ... and then the name. The kids absolutely love it.

        Having the RiverBelle CM's find us an up-front table for Fantasmic viewing because it was our Anniversary.

        Having the JC skipper and the passengers in the boat sing happy birthday.

        My friends making me ride the Matterhorn by myself on my B-day ... and singing about it.


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          Re: LGBT in the Parks

          Several years ago when I was down with my BF, the front desk at the Disneyland Hotel just assumed we wanted a single King bed.

          On the same trip we learned about the advantages of the AP and the discounts from a waitress at Hook's Pointe who asked if we ever visited the first weekend in October.

          Sure, a few of the other park guests may worry about our eternal soul but the CM's are always great.



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