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My First House Party


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  • My First House Party

    OK, I think my mum is smoking something, because she has allowed me to have a house party. Yes, infamous in America, deadly in the UK. Well, fifteen people shouldn't be too bad should it? How was your first house party (if you have had one)

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    Re: My First House Party

    I had my first house party at a friends, we totaled the house!! some one puked in a shoe in the closet, five couples had sex all over the house, and well it was wild and crazy and some one stole my bong. OOOPs was I suposed to really tell all this ? yikes, I am running out of here now!


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      Re: My First House Party

      My parties always went well. The 2 I remember most had over 50 kids there. One was a choir party in highschool. The other was a bunch of my college friends. There was no alchohol at either, and my parents were there for both and even they had fun.


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        Re: My First House Party

        I don't remember when my first house party was, I did go to Arizona State for college and well, it's not the top party school in the country for nothing. I'll never forget one of my roommates half naked and drunk covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream climbing out through the bathroom window that was above the shower. plenty of other fun stories as well ahh, memories... Have a great time!

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          Re: My First House Party

          yep, I was at plenty of house parties, oh the memorres!!! and lets not forgetthe toga parties, yep had some of those to.


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            Re: My First House Party

            the one I remember REAL WELL was thrown by my friend next door beer bottles in my backyard, two people thought it would be fun to jump her back fence and going pool hopping starting with mine...but they didnt see the 2 female black n tan Dobies we had till they were going to get out..those dogs wouldnt hurt a fly but those guys sure screamed till i came out and rescued them..this thing was like animal house from hell LOL it got so bad she was walking thru her house going up to people and saying hi! my name is..this is my party WHO THE HELL ARE YOU...GET OUT used condoms in her toilet, and someone peed in her hottub and on her back door..her folks were on the way home so I had to help her clean this thing up just picture the after party scene in 16 candles (without the geek trapped in the glass coffee table!) times lets say 10...she would have gotten away with it too if the old people across the street hadnt ratted her out to her folks and told them the cops were at their house LOL


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