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'Amazing Goddess' arrested


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  • 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

    The police have arrested a Penacook woman who advertises herself online as an "Amazing Goddess" and charged her with prostitution. According to the police, Suzan Belanger, 38, was running a prostitution business called Amazing Alternatives from 324 Village St. in downtown Penacook.

    Belanger said yesterday she intends to fight the charge. While she admits she received money after sex with clients, she said that the money was a donation and that the sex was not for physical gratification.

    Belanger said she was called to sexual healing, which she said involves oral sex and intercourse, by God and fairies.

    "I did this as a healer, not a prostitute," Belanger said. She hopes to take her fight beyond Concord District Court, where she is to be arraigned June 27. Belanger has a call into Oprah. "I plan to take this sky high," she said, "and show them how godly God can be."

    Belanger has been a healer, she said, since January, and she initially advertised herself on the website under erotic services. She opened her shop in Penacook in mid-March. She said God reassured her that her business was legal.

    "He said, 'Suzan, you can be a rainbow in the dark. You can elevate this dark and dirty hole and make it sacred and healing.'"
    Here is her website (NOTE: Minor partial nudity is shown at the site)
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    Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

    Talk about WEIRD!


    • #3
      Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

      he he ...
      he said "this dark and dirty hole" lol!
      Come to the dark side,
      we have cookies.


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        Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

        "I did this as a healer, not a prostitute,
        yeah, I bet she healed a lot of snossages :lol:


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          Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

          Wow crazy


          • #6
            Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

            Wait... she's charging to have sex with gods and fairies? I would pay just to see what the hell that is!

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              Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

              Man, I bet it's expensive to pay to do the deed with Gods and Fairies. Just go to Vegas like everybody else. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because you were probably too drunk to remember what happened in Vegas then of course if your friend has pictures then it's a whole different thing all together then.

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                Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

                Well, she is taking it "sky high." All the way to Oprah. May Oprah can get the names of the fairies.
                And the town's name...Penacock. Was that also God's idea?


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                  Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

                  ..the way she said it sounds crazy, but the whole thing reminds me of the concept of prostitution being holy and divine from pre-christian religions. which i always thought was really cool. makes sense, y'know? the concept being that to love a stranger so intimately is a sacred and holy thing.

                  but. i dunno. the "fairies" thing makes her sound like a psycho.


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                    Re: 'Amazing Goddess' arrested

                    kinda looks like a Companion business ((Firefly reference i know)) with the selection of different partners... but a alot weirder...Gods and Faeires?!
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