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Gerrymandering and Dominos


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  • Gerrymandering and Dominos

    It's been a long time since I ordered pizza from Dominos and I don't even know what possessed me to try it tonite(yeah I do; wife at work son begging me for it; sounds easier than actually making something).

    So I decide to give it a try. First I call the nearest Dominos. "Sorry sir, you're out of our area you should call the one on Glisan St." I ask for the number and could have sworn I heard a sigh before the overworked girl gave it to me.

    Call the second number and am told that I am not in their area either----ugghh! Instead of going thru anymore of this phone nonsense I just get on line and go thru the whole sign up hoops so I can order a simple Dominos pie! After about 30+ minutes on the web site I finally get a confirmation that a pizza is on it's way....YAY!

    About a half hour later Dominos calls me and tells me that they will deliver it this time but that I am not in their area(at this point I am was THEIR website that said I was in their area for Pete's sake. So the guy says that since they never deliver out here(I am within the City Limits with a good 12 miles of urban sprawl beyond my doorstep so I am not sure what the whole hub-bub is all about) could I provide him with directions.

    "Yeah, no problem" I say. "First you want to go East on Burnside for about 1 mile---wave at your Dominos brothers on the left and continue for another mile until you get to 122nd. Go North 2 blocks--wave at some more of your Dominos brothers--and continue until you get to Halsey St. Turn East and go 1/2 mile to 134th and then turn left. Continue until you get to my addressXXXXXXXX"

    Yeah, that's right. He had to pass TWO Dominos on his way here and I wasn't sending him on a fools route to prove a point or anything. That was the most direct route.

    The pizza was just as I remember it.......unremarkable at best:sleep:
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    Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

    I could never understand why locations across the street are in the area but locations across town seem to be...

    That's why you should always stick do Donatos. They're the best pizza on the block.

    Dominos not so good, but at least it's better than that disgusting Papa John's.


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      Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

      My Dad would always go for the two for Tuesdays deal, so there was Domino's pizza at home every Tuesday. Now I can't look at a Domino's pizza without getting quesy.


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        Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

        Do you have an Amecis near you? They are yummy!
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          Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

          A few blocks from where I work is the best pizza in the World(ok, best in Portland, Ore)! Flying Pie Pizzaria---Yummy, yummy Sadly, they don't deliver(don't have too, they're always busy).

          Usually when I get pizza delivered I get it from RoundTable or sometimes even Pizza Hut(which is only marginaly better than Dominos). But neither are all that great so usually I opt not to order pizza delivery and just go get it from a good place that doesn't deliver
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            Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

            Mmm, Numero Unos!

            The pizza I had in San Fransisco had almost a cracker like crust. It was different but REALLY good.

            I try not order from national chains like Dominos or Pizza Hut.
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              Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

              Where do you live?

              Redondo Beach.


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                Re: Gerrymandering and Dominos

                They don't deliver to our place either. We are 30 minutes away from them and located on the country side. Pizza Hut is a pain in the butt too. They have me on block I guess because each time I call them, a machine picks up saying that our call won't go through. We just go to Papa Johns. They've never given us any hassles.


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