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  • Water Polo

    so just wondering who has, or is currently playing Water polo? Even if you don't what are your thoughts on it, I am on my high school's JV team as a goalie, my first year as a goalie. Does anyone have any good tips?

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    Re: Water Polo

    I played a lot of Water Basketball in College and I also was a keeper for a Team-handball team. Never played waterpollo itself though.

    Best advice I can give you is to get plenty of rest the night before a game....helps you keep focused...which, when it comes to being a goalie/keeper in just about any sport is of the highest importance.

    Also, it's very important to know the difference between anticipating and assuming....especially when you are a goalie
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      Re: Water Polo

      We have a local team that I thought about trying out for, but chickened out at the last minute.

      Upper body strength is important, of course, especially for a goalie. You have to throw, throw far and fast before a bevy of offensive linemen move on you. However, your body weight is now suddenly a factor. So, train with weights, to be sure, but higher repetitions with lighter weights would be the way to go.

      You'll be kicking profusely, unable to touch the bottom of the pool and, due to the size of your leg muscle groups, that's where your energy expendature will come from. If you can do any long term endurance exercises that involve your legs, again, it would benefit you.

      Hope that makes sense and good luck. What other sports have you played? Perhaps there's some crossover there that might help as well.

      I'm big on visualization, and since you'll be in the water (and under it at times), you might want to work on some breathing skills. I know, it sounds all Zen like, but there's a bunch of research that supports it. Something to think about.

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        Re: Water Polo

        Jeez, I'm a freshman in high school and I was on the JV team this year as a goalie. I started playing in goal over the summer at our club's team, but I've been playing there in the summer for four years.

        I think I'm in the only other place in America where Water Polo is played besides California (SW Connecticut.)

        Let's just say I would have regretted not participating in the team. It was good exercise and kept me active for the fall. I didn't really go on any of the weekend tournaments so that was convenient. It was still a big commitment and it was a challenge to keep everything together with school.

        It's not my favorite group of people, considering most of the other people on the team were all friends and they're not exactly outgoing. I try to be friendly, so the only people that warmed up to me were other teammates the other players thought less of. I don't need to go into a rant about the problems of high school society, but let's just say I'd rather spend my time with a group of kids in the theater wing or in the band room.

        And then I had to miss my Halloween to play on the B team in a home tournament in which we lost all of our games because we were missing half of the team to Swine Flu. So, it could have been better for me.

        How long have you been playing? Would you say you have a lot of support on the team?
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