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George Steinbrenner dead at 80


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  • George Steinbrenner dead at 80

    I didn't realize he was that old. Thoughts go out to his immediate family and his extended Yankees family.

    George Steinbrenner Dies

    MYFOXNY.COM - George Steinbrenner has died, according to the Associated Press.

    Steinbrenner had reportedly suffered a massive heart attack.

    The owner of the New York Yankees was taken to a Tampa's St. Joseph's hospital. reported that emergency crews responded to his home last night.

    "The Boss" as he was known in Yankee circles, bought the team in 1973. The Bronx Bombers have won seven World Series titles since he became the principal owner.

    George Steinbrenner celebrated his 80th birthdayon July 4th.

    He said he was "feeling good" after spending a couple hours Friday in his office at the Yankees' spring training complex in Florida.

    Steinbrenner has had recent health problems.

    He stepped aside in recent years and his sons, Hal and Hank, have taken more responsibility in running the team.

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    Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

    Even though I hate the Yankees (always have & always will), even I'll admit, yeah he was an icon in NY. I just hate the way he damaged the game by throwing money around like no object and creating a huge imbalance between large and small markets that the MLB may never recover from.

    Outside of MLB though he apparently was a huge philanthropist and did a lot for the Tampa community (where he lived) and was a good family man. But as a baseball team owner, couldn't stand the guy, honestly.

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      Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

      I'd have guessed Al Davis would have gone first.
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        Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

        Thoughts and prayers to the Steinbrenner family in Tampa.



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          Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

          Mr. Steinbrenner defiantly left a legacy in this game. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the Yankee Organization. Its been a tough couple of days for them.

          R.I.P. George Steinbrenner.
          Home away from Home.


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            Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

            Originally posted by steamboatpete View Post
            I'd have guessed Al Davis would have gone first.
            He will live forever. Sold his soul Years before Steinbrenner did.

            As for the boss, as a Red Sox Fan, HATED HIM.... As a baseball fan, HATED HIM for jacking up salaries through the roof...

            But as a Human Being- My condolences to his family, May the Yankee/ Red Sox war continue to be the greatest rivalry in American sports, and may his memory continue to fuel it for decades to come.
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              Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

              I've been away from MiceChat for a week.

              Where are the Yamkee fans in this thread?

              Like him or not, he changed the sport forever, and is probably like no other owner, ever, in the history of sports.

              He took the team with unquestionably the greatest legacy of any in American sports and restored it to greatness.

              A very bombastic and complex man? No question. A dirty rotten scoundrel sometimes? Just ask Dave Winfield. Would I want to work for him? No way. But he's one of those guys that when he'd do something bad to someone in piublic, he'd make sure he was taken care of, sometimes for life, without fanfare.

              He made the Yankees the Yankees again, and while I hate them as much as anyone here, the game is better off overall when the Yankees are a team you love, or love to hate.

              We'll see if those sons of his can continue to carry it off.
              God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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                Re: George Steinbrenner dead at 80

                George Steinbrenner was one of the greatest owners in all of sports, I don't care for the Yankees but I will miss "the boss" he had a passion for the game, a greater passion for winning and his dedication to it was powerful


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