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The NBA Season hasn't started and yet............


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  • The NBA Season hasn't started and yet............

    [ame=]YouTube - Fan is ejected because he's wearing a Lebron Heat Jersey in Cleveland[/ame]

    This took place during a Cleveland Indians Game (MLB) and the guy along with his friend was escorted out of the game.

    And to think that we would expect something like this when Miami heads to Cleveland to play, this is but a taste of what could happen if some people show up to the game wearing Lebron's Miami Jeresy when they go to play Cleveland at Quicken Loans,

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    Re: The NBA Season hasn't started and yet............

    Wow....If I am LeBron, I am buying out the first three rows of courtside seats for every Miami game in Cleveland.

    Or, in the very least, the first row......those seats are awfully close to the court, one good leg kick timed just right could put the King down for a long time
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